Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 2 Nomination Results

The latest Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for this week’s nominations with the new HoH making the promised choices official after a visit to the High Rollers room.

Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers
Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers – Source: Global

We had listened in Thursday night and earlier on Friday as the Head of Household worked to shore up support and ease concerns over who would be taking a trip up to the Block. No surprises here after the ceremony was held overnight.

Jared did just as promised and went with two easy picks.

Big Brother Canada 4 – Week 2 Nominations:

  • Loveita
  • Sharry

Going after Kelsey turned out to be a bad plan for Loveita, especially when it fell apart and her pawn went home instead. Now Kelsey is still there and her ally Jared took control. He decided to keep his target on players who went after Kelsey and with the house divided along Thursday’s voting lines there will be a few back up options if anything changes.

Next up we’ll be waiting on the Power of Veto competition and the players to be picked until we get an idea of where things go next, but if things stay the same we know Jared wants Loveita gone first. What do you think of that plan?

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    • Will they ever learn? Lol seriously do some of these people never watch previous big brother and Big Brother Canada shows? Lol dumbasses

  1. Loveita’s best bet would have been to do what all BB first HOH’s have been doing, put up the first two people who fell, Cassandra and Dallas! But she clearly is another who barely knows anything about BB.

  2. Loveita should have made her nominees simple, not make such a big move to early in the game because now she’s a target to a couple that has high chances of winning comps. She basically dug her own grave.

  3. I am so behind on the spoilers and gossip! I have only seen Wednesday and Thursday nights episodes, that’s it! So with that said, curious who’s in an alliance so far? What alliances are strong? Who’s running the house aside from jared the HOH? I’m definitely not surprised with his Noms, especially Loveita.
    If someone could catch me up on the alliances that would be wonderful 🙂 the big alliances and the smaller alliances and the strong alliances lol all I know is that jared and Kelsey are or were? In a shomance already??
    I gotta get caught up 🙂 so far, the only one I am NOT a big fan of is Maddy!?!? She seems snobby, and jealous of other women! Am I correct? Or very wrong?
    Also, how are Nikki and Tom doing? I caught a little bit of Big Brother after dark last night and Tom seems to be fitting in very well?? Not sure about Nikki? Is she as smart as a bag of rocks?
    And lastly, I’m just about to watch Big Brother Canada side show….. how’s that? TIA

  4. Does anyone have any juicy gossip as to why Gary is not returning to the Big Brother Canada side show?? Also, how are Tom and Nikki doing since entering the house? I only watched the two episodes, & a little bit of Big Brother after dark last night. I don’t know any alliances, I don’t really know anything yet! I am way behind on my Big Brother spoilers. But what I saw last night it seems as though Tom is in a good spot with some people? Nikki? I don’t know about her!??Aside from the fact she seems like she is as dumb as a bag of rocks! Or at least acts like it? Did she for many alliances?

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