Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 2

Big Brother Canada 4 is starting off quickly with the first eviction already complete and a new Head of Household revealed last night when the Live Feeds launched. It didn’t take much longer to find discussions on who would likely be heading to the Block.

BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List
BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List – Source: Global

If you want to avoid the nomination spoilers then steer clear of the details below. While Big Brother did its best to hide the plans with cutaways there were plenty of other talks to reveal the new HoH’s plans.

Jared took control during the yet-to-be televised BBCAN4 HoH comp which seems to have been a Q&A podium station set up. If he’s coupling with Kelsey already then it’s easy to see where this is going.

Sure enough, Jared spoke with Kelsey and Phil to confirm he was planning to nominate Sharry and… the Feeds cut away. Big Brother was trying to keep it quiet. Later the talks resumed and Jared admitted Sharry and Loveita were his current plans for the Block.

The Big Brother Canada 4 house is already dividing along the lines of last night’s vote which potentially pits Loveita, Sharry, Ramsey, Dallas, and Maddy against the rest of the house.

Jared has been holding a lot of talks this morning in his HoH room in preparation for his nominations later today. He let Sharry know she may be going up against Loveita, but that Sharry would be his target. Sharry was throwing out every deal offer she could think of including weeks of safety and control of her vote. Not sure if I’d believe that though. Jared also let Maddy know not to worry this week. It’s still early…

The “other side” is hoping to push for Cassandra to go up as one of the nominations and has been trying to convince HGs that she was the 4th vote. She wasn’t. Dallas and Ramsey think they could get Cassandra up and out of the house so they’re going to work on that plan.

We’ll keep watching the Big Brother Canada Feeds and bring you more updates. Stick with us for the nomination spoilers which I’m expecting today, but we’ll have to wait and see what schedule they’re going to use as things settle in to a routine.

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  1. I don’t understand Jared tbh. He wants to put up Loveita although she kept him safe this week? He’s basically only putting her up bc she put up his “showmance”. Completely idiotic if you ask me. Putting up Christina (literally she talks bs about everyone to everyone) who no one seems to care for and one of the International HG’s makes the most sense for anyone’s game this early on.

    • Oops I forgot the wildcards are safe this week lol. Cassandra would be another good option, Christine and Cassandra were dressed identical at the eviction which could indicate an alliance.

  2. Had Loveita not showed her cards to Kelsey about her being the target, than her and Sharry wouldn’t have been in this situation. But I want either Sharry or Love to win this POV. I want drama and I sometimes hate it when the HOH gets their way.

    • It was so stupid of her! but Kelsey knows n o t h i n g about BB. She literally asked what a backdoor was so I’d taker Loveita over her any day!

      • Seriously she asked that! OMG! Lol do these people not watch big brother Canada or Big Brother US? And if they didn’t, it probably would be extremely intelligent for them to binge watch every Possible episode they could before entering the house! (If they have enough time?) I’ve actually never have known how quickly they are told they are going to be on Big Brother to quickly they enter the house?! How much time they have to prepare!….. So they can binge watch previous episodes, (to no what NOT to do…. Loveita!!!) Get there clothes together (purchase new clothes and of course a bathing suit!) haha, dye their hair and whiten their teeth lol and, of course (most importantly for some! Well I guess not most of the house, they are all quite young!) deal with mortgage payments and the rent, bills or whatever while they are going to be gone.
        I’ve often wondered that….. cuz the brothers for example, they didn’t know each other were going in the house so……?
        Unless they did know but they both, (especially Nick) seemed very surprised! Too good to act that out in my opinion. Anyway blah blah blah lol

        • Insane, right! I also thought that they’d be able to watch past episodes while being sequestered or at least have the option to but it sounds like most of them watched Breaking Bad instead, lol.

          About the brothers apparently they were both told they might go on but that production hadn’t decided who they wanted to take. That makes more sense as to why Nick was in Phillip’s intro video for when he got the key. They probably made them both do one each and then told them separately that they were gonna be on bc they were too surprised to have known!! so I guess they told them both they made it and sequestered them without them knowing. Aha

          • You are extremely observant! I think you and I are going to be great friends lol as long as I don’t drive you crazy with all of my questions hehe. I didn’t even notice Nick was in Phillips intro video. But then again, where they not sitting around with their parents? I guess that’s what you’re talking about lol but, I didn’t even catch on! Lol that intro video was played after Philip enter the house or shortly before. I get it now 🙂

          • Aha, ask me as many questions as you like!! I don’t have friends who watch BB so I get all my BB interactions online lol

      • Hey Latifa, long time no talk, where’d you go? LOL are you still around? So hey I accidentally deleted about 10 episodes of Big Brother after Dark 🙁 so I’m completely out of the loop in regards to current alliances, Maddie’s interaction with Jared and just everything really. Can you give me a rundown of what’s going on since Kelsey and Loveita left? Like is Maddie flirting or hanging out a lot with Jared? I thought she wanted Kelsey out of the house so she can jump all over Jared LOL and after what she did with backdooring Loveita, I took that as a sign that she might want to work with Jared or at the very least jump his bones LOL but anyways, I’ll stop being silly hee-hee just wondering what new alliances are forming? And Kelsey with Loveita in the war room, I know they are spilling the beans about everything but what’s it like in there? I know they are getting along but does it seem like one wants in more than the other? I prefer Chelsea going back in because I think it will piss Maddie off more but what do you see? Who do you think seems more gung-ho about going in the house again? Also……
        I am curious about the times when the house guest are chosen to go on Big Brother and when they actually go on Big Brother? How much time do they have to get ready? I ask this because it appears a lot of the houseguests did not know who Emmett was and that’s just crazy! If you’re not a huge fan of the show, at the very least binge watch Big Brother Canada 1 2 & 3. And Loveita didn’t have time to do her extensions? LOL thanks as always for your help. Losing these Big Brother after Dark really sucks and I don’t watch live feeds so really all the information I’m getting is from here and from everyone’s comments. I read a poll that said 70% of viewers want Loveita back in the house over Kelsey. I was very surprised! What am I missing? Anyway thanks again girl XO

        • I am here! Aha, I’m in school and it’s almost exam time so it’s been pretty hectic! Lol, Maddy doesn’t care about Jared but since last episode in her DR’s she keeps saying that her and Ramsey want to be together and that she loves him!!!! LOL!

          When it comes to Kelsey and Loveita, they’re doing great! They actually balance each other out and if they worked in the house together in an alliance they would have dominated. I’d definitely prefer Loveita back in the house because Kelsey is just going to go back to Jared and Raul while Loveita would have a clean slate. She wants to work with Mitch to expose Tim and Cassandra, which is fantastic!

          The HG’s not knowing Emmett was annoying, like they should be required to watch the prior season during sequester! I

  3. Jared should play his game and not Kelsey’s game. And why do I get a Brendon and Rachel vice from Jared and Kelsey.

    If I were Jared I’d gun for the brothers since two players in one would be a bigger threat.

    • Right!! Loveita kept him safe last week. If he wasn’t thinking with that thing in his pants he wouldn’t have went after the person who put up Kelsey as petty revenge! It’s definitely not going to get him far 🙂

  4. I am so behind on my gossip and spoilers. I’ve only seen the two episodes and a little bit of Big Brother after dark last night. Can someone tell me the alliances? Big ones, little ones, fake ones, strong ones, final 2 yet?… You know the drill 🙂 TIA ???

    • There’s an alliance I like to call “The Darksided Alliance” and it consists of Jared/Kelsey/Nick-Phillip/Raul (the main ones) and seems like they’re getting Mitch but he talks to everyone and seems genuine with everyone so idk and Cassandra is a vote for them also but I wouldn’t say she’s aligned. Cassandra/Christine get along and seem to want a final 3 with Tim. Then we have my faves, Ramsey/Sharry with Loveita/Maddy and they were with Dallas until Dallas lied to Jared and said that Ramsey told him that he was the vote against Paige even tho I remember it being Sharry who said it. So, now the Darksided Alliance took Dallas in with open arms and hate Ramsey even tho Ramsey was truthful all week about his vote and Dallas wasn’t. (AS IF!!!) Joel, Christine, Nicki. Tim, are in the middle. But Nicki will definitely work with Tim and Tim seems to be forming the closest bond with Cassandra but he smartly tells all the houseguests the same thing about being a “wildcard” is why he’s here, he doesn’t want to commit to an alliance yet bc it’s too early and that if he’s at the end he won’t win. He’s genius and everyone trusts him! I need to see some of his DR’s to see where his head is actually at.

      That’s more or less everything going on as of now with alliances.

      • You are the best! Thank you so so much 🙂 disappointed to hear about Dallas, he was one of my favorites! And I was calling him Tom lol again thank you so much for catching me up 🙂 XO

      • Ok, second message 🙂 lol so I wrote everyone down and their alliances but I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering them? No pressure! First of all why did you name it dark side? Is that Alliance getting cocky so to speak? And Dallas lied about Ramsey, making Ramsey look bad which is the opposite, Ramsey is a good guy? Dallas just did a sneaky move to secure himself?) securing Dallas into the dark side alliance? As well as Cassandra sort of in the dark side alliance? Kind of being used I guess then?
        Then you have the “Favs” ( your favorites? Or just a name? Lol) & that consists of Ramsay, Sharry, Loveita & Maddie? However, from my understanding Ramsey and Maddie are safe but Sharry &Loveita are Noms? And apparently Loveita wants to go home? Is this true?
        I like Ramsey and Sharry but it looks like there allegiance haven’t been with the right people plus Dallas screwed over Ramsey? To make himself look better and secure a spot in the dark side alliance? Also, from my view on what I’ve seen from Maddy, she seems very busy and negative, is my assumption correct?
        So then kind of in the middle there is kinda Joel, Christine, Nikki iand Tim but then again, Christine Nicki Tim and Cassandra seem to be pretty tight? & Tim, Cassandra and Christine very close? So the house is heavily weighing Awards the dark side being the biggest alliance but Tim is not a part of that Alliance at all? Just from a little bit of the big brother after dark, I thought Tim had secured a spot with a big Alliance but I guess I was wrong?. And then not really just leaves Joel, Mitch, Ramsey, nikki and maybe a few others who really have nothing secure? No strong alliance? And with the dark side, it’s really not a big Alliance so none of the alliances are super strong unless people are trying to get in good with the dark side alliance? Lol you’re awesome! Thank you so much 🙂 just writing it all down and what not. I still need to watch tonight’s episode so that should help. I really appreciate your help! I hate not knowing everything lol can you tell? Hahaha shocking! Thanks again I really appreciate your help ????????????????????????????????????????????

        • I named it the dark sided alliance because they are way beyond cocky, always talking about other people and have said some not so nice stuff in general. Jared was the one who lied about Ramsey (he told Tim last night that he just threw Ramsey’s name out there so Dallas would tell the truth about being the fourth vote). This “secured” Dallas on the Dark Sided Alliance in Jared/Kelsey’s eyes but Dallas/Ramsey squashed it and are working together still but pretending they’re not.

          Aha, yeah just my personal faves lol. Sharry and Loveita are on the block, one is going home. Loveita has been saying she wants to go over Sharry but then she has convos with Cassandra which make it seem like she wants to stay and it’s just strategy, I need more DR’s from her.

          Maddy is negative 99% of the time which I can’t stand, and she’s rude but she’s a number for my faves so I’m okay with her for now.

          Tim and Cassandra are very close right now and Cass has Christine in her back pocket. Tim is not in any one alliance yet because he’s pretending that he’s still learning about BB! Smart! Plus, every time he finishes a convo with someone they think they have him on their side, he’s a BB genius so far.

          The Dark Sided alliance aren’t the majority only be there are so many wildcards right now. Their main people are Jared/Kelsey/Raul 100% and then the brothers who seem like they could turn anytime and Cassandra who’s more with Tim and wants Loveita in her back pocket. Mitch seems to be on their side but he usually just sits with them silently whil he’s had more meaningful convos game wise with the other side.

          Anytime you want questions answered just give me a shout, aha! No problem! ?

          • You are the best! Thank you so much 🙂 I have a really bad cold so my head is clouded and I can’t concentrate well lol again thank you so much 🙂

          • Thank you so much! ????? Weirdest cold ever.?????? Mainly just a dry cough and major aches and pains, a severe headache and fatigue. But I will live 🙂
            Hey I meant to ask you today because you are my new BB BFF lol.. What was the deal with Nikki last night? I briefly saw some of Big Brother after dark and she was running a bath and Tim was talking to her. She seemed upset and angry. And she said something like whatever it was being a misunderstanding. Do you know what that was about?? Tia as always XO

          • Nicki was upset because she heard people (Dallas, Maddy, Raul, Kelsey the brothers) making fun of her and the fact that she puts her toothbrush in a cup. Also, Maddy necer stops talking bs about Nicki. Nicki can’t stand thr dark sided alliance especially Raul/Kelsey and can’t stand Maddy.

          • Toothbrush in a cup? Thanks as always 🙂 Nikki is a little crazy LOL but, she has figured Maddie out quickly so good for her. Why is Maddie targeting her and always talking BS about her? Easy target? God I cannot stand Maddie! How some of these houseguests make it on to the show is beyond me!

          • Maddy’s one of those girls that are jealous of girls that are prettier than she is. She hated Kelsey on site and she hates Nikki for no real reason. Three of the meanest girls are Maddy, Cassandra and Christine. They’re pitiful.

          • LOL… I knew u meant to include Kelsey! Cassandra’s mean but she’s pretty funny I think?? I initially thought she was going to be a miss priss but, she seems to be the opposite. I can’t stand Kelsey but I like Jared and Raul! at least I think I do LOL I really liked him and Nikki, I don’t understand how or why Loveita doesn’t like her. She’s crazy but funny. Anyway thanks again for the updates XO

          • Aha, to me, Cassandra tries too hard to be funny so she equates rude comments with humour and it’s just annoying lol. I started to really like Jared, his DR’s make me like him more every episode.

          • Oh, in the episodes! I wish they had a camera in the DR at all times so we could hear them live!

          • oh that’s funny. I thought there was some spoilers site that had access somehow to the Diary room because I have often read people’s comments about them being really funny but I guess it’s just regular TV. I thought I was missing something LOL

      • Gotcha! It is your nicknames lol again, another great rundown! Thank you so much 🙂 I would love to see Maddie leave ASAP but, if she is somewhat aligned with the dark side, looks like she will be staying for now however on big brother after dark last night, I watched a little bit of it and a few people were talking about Maddie and they were saying she is always negative! That’s exactly how I felt about her. So I guess my first instinct was correct on her however my first instinct on Dallas was wrong! Lol
        Tim is a smart guy! Instead of forming an alliance immediately, he gave a great excuse! Regardless of Big Brother Australia being played differently, he still gets it! He knows he needs alliances, but he’s playing stupid, good for him!

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