Tonight On Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction & HoH – Week 8

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 3 the next eviction vote will reveal who will be evicted when the latest twist unravels and catches an unsuspecting Houseguest in its web.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

We watched as Brittnee raced to the Vault and unlocked the Coup D’Etat power that will let her save herself from the block and she just might take Godfrey with her leaving two spots to be filled. Unfortunately for Ashleigh those renoms are going to be someone else’s choice. I’ve run through the likely scenarios and things look like they’re going to get messy tonight.

Think you know what’s going to happen next? Share your thoughts and vote in our poll below while we wait for another crazy BBCAN3 show coming up.

Join us back here at 9/8c when we’ll be live recapping tonight’s BBCAN3 eviction and HoH competition. You can catch the show on Global from Canada or through a free, live stream at 9PM ET.

Eviction Prediction – Vote for this week’s evicted HG:


  1. I hate this part of the show kind of takes the fun out of it…britt should be able to take herself of but ashleigh should be able to do the nom again , i personally dont think its fair to head of household. Those are the twist that make me want to stop watching the show.

    • I believe that the twists are a thing to separate BBCAN from BBUS. We’re different and it honestly makes the show much more interesting especially compared to the last two, BB15 and BB16.

      • How does turning the show into a popularity contest and removing strategy from the game make it more interesting? That’s why I started watching the US version and Canada because it was different than the other versions but if they are gonna base it off who you like and don’t like and not on game then I might as well stop watching.

      • While BB16 might be considered boring, it was beautiful to watch Derrick create a masterpiece and dominate the house. This twist is unfair to those that do well both socially and physically in the house and if Bruno leaves because of this twist, I will give up on the season and cheer for Pilar.

        • Derrick was beautiful to watch as a BB fan and that’s BBUS. It’s always going to be that way. BBCAN is changing things up so why do people need to be mad about it. We have BBUS where we can watch players like Derrick and we have BBCAN where the twists are a fun new way to shake up the game. I’d rather the two being this different than ending up being all boring.

  2. I’m scared because last night Britt and Sarah were saying that it makes more sense to go after Bruno before Zach which makes no sense! Bruno is nothing without Zach. Bruno is only powerful in a way because Zach is protecting him with his puppets Ashleigh and Pilar. Without Zach, Bruno is without the giant target in front of him and has no way to connect to Ash and Pili. I hope they change their minds by tonight!

  3. I’m assuming if Survivor use the 8 to 11 slot next wednesday, BBCan episode will be move to another day.

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