Big Brother Canada: Feeds Are Down For The Season

Big Brother Canada FOTH

The Big Brother Canada Feeds are now down and gone for the remainder of the season. Having shut off midday Sunday we won’t be able to watch the Veto Ceremony results today per our usual routine, of course I think we can easily guess how that’ll turn out based on who won the PoV.

Instead we’ll be left waiting until Wednesday night at 9PM on Slice when the show returns and reveals not only what happens with the Power of Veto, but also which HG is evicted next and who remains to form the season’s final three.

While the Feeds are now gone we can reflect back on a full, but seemingly quick season of Big Brother Canada. What a blast! The Feeds were high quality and FOTH-music free. I’d still trade both of those things for a Flashback feature like we’ve enjoyed on the US version’s Big Brother Live Feeds. Maybe next season.

Should any spoilers leak out we’ll be sure to share them with you here and post updates to our Facebook and Twitter accounts so be sure to join us on each of those.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on who you would like to see end up in the final three this season. We’ll know for sure in just a few days!


  1. Nothing against Gary, and had he not been evited once I’d be ok with it. But I really hope he doesn’t win this. I feel it was a little unfair to bring him back so late in the game.

  2. Well i gotta say Season 1 of Big Brother Canada seems to have been a smashing hit. great cast, kinda sad that it’s ending. and that it’ll feel like forever waiting for BB15.

    So what do people think, will BB15 be all new people? or is casting a shame this year and there will be an All Stars 2?

    with the success of BBCAN’s new cast, i think it’d be a good idea to have an all new cast for BB15, BB15 seems to be taking notes from BBCAN, i mean they have moved the feeds to CBS(they already have the page up), on that page it mentions that viewers of feeds will get to play games of some sort, i take it’s like Slice does with voting for who wins hoh, veto,ect…. They got new house, hd cams. i wonder if there will be an iPod in HOH Room? so it may be a new cast.

    then again a lot of show are doing All Star lately, Apprentice, DWTS recently, Survivor(sort of) and i had others, but can’t think of them. So with the high rating those have gotten i could see a BB All Star 2 happening.

    i think i’m hoping for a new cast, need to find the US “Talla”

    • Yeah atleast 1 more season before allstars 2 for BBusa IMO. That’s why I think that your thinking is pretty spot on that BB15 should be all new cast members. It distances the returning players theme they’ve used in recent seasons. Doesn’t matter hom many “stars” they find the game will have a different feel without returners have the huge advantage from playing before.

      On a lighter note finding BBusa Talla could be a real chore as they only have 300 plus million to choose from. Maybe Lala gets a green card to play BBusa. Now there would be a twist worth having.


      I know it’s just a crazy senial old mans dream!……..BUSY!

      1 point though they save booze and take turns getting cut in BBusa. Not sure Talla sober would be nearly as much fun.

      • BB canada really dished out the booze this season. I felt this was a pathetic move on productions part. I’d like to see them suffer a bit in the house… how about no booze or cigarettes… it would suit me fine. They also seemed to cave in to a lot of have not demands, the havenots seemed to be drinking a lot this season and also participated in a few big meals… weak … Also, Gary seemed to have a lot of stuff in the house, crafts etc… werent they only allowed one item each ?

    • Bringing back returning players always sucks. With a U.S. population of over 300 MILLION people, it is ridiculous not to find new people for each season. Old players have advantages, are already favorites with some fans and slants the game right off the bat. DOWN with returning players. Also, the whole coach thing was a joke… they should never ever been allowed to enter the game, what bullsh*t that was ! Did any else notice that the $100,000 prize for the coach just kinda disappeared after they became players ? Probably went right into some executives pocket (quietly)…

  3. no matter who wins the veto, my prediction is Emmett to win it in the end. it amazes me that they all know he will probably win, with the exception of Talla, but they all want to take him to the final 2. Gary even knows they all love him in the jury house and still wants to take him. Of coarse, the love potion he’s been slipping them may wear off the more time they spend actually thinking about who has been pulling Jillian’s strings.

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