Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

The FINAL Veto of Big Brother Canada 5 has been played and we have the spoilers for you revealing who won and who will be the target to leave in the upcoming early eviction.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

This competition was critical for the remaining F4 on BBCAN5. Whoever won it would guarantee either a spot for his or her own or if the HoH won it then it’d guarantee a pick for who would come along to the F3. It’s a big comp and it’s over now.

Demetres had won HoH so he obviously put Karen and Kevin on the Block. It was do or die for Kevin as he was the top target to go this round. Well, Kevin did what he needed to do.

Power of Veto Results: Week 10

Kevin won the Veto.

Congratulations to Kevin. This was huge for his game and he earned it with hard studying for quite awhile now. It’s expected that this was a memory competition and Kevin is a smart guy who had crafted several study guides. I’m not surprised he won, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

So now this means Kevin will cast the sole vote to evict after he saves himself and Demetres is forced to renom Ika. Kevin has already admitted who he plans to evict between those two ladies but did we really need to hear it from him?

Yes, Ika will go and the Big Brother Canada 5 Final 3 will be Demetres, Karen, and That Kevin Martin. Congrats to all three on making it this far. The season finale is Thursday night at 7/6c, an hour earlier than normal so be sure to adjust your plans that day.

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  1. Alright Kevin Martin! Quite an impressive run since that Triple Eviction. Now he has control over who goes to F3 and doesn’t have to rely on those dummies to vote the strongest players out. And I’ll be glad to see Ika go out the door.

    • You said it! Ika and Deme ARE and HAVE been the strongest and BEST players of the season. That is why it is a shame to see That Kevin Martin win. Just another so-so winner when it could have been an amazing ending.

      • Kevin Martin a so-so winner? Unlike Dumb-etres he hasn’t needed to have someone to think for him and unlike Ika he has been able to win comps. Hmmmm, sounds to me like he would be a pretty strong winner.

        • EVERYONE has wanted to take out Ika and Deme since day 1 and they are both still there. That is the kind of game I like watching. Much better GAME than BB giving secret POV to Will knowing he would use it on Kevin or Kevin winning a few comps at the end when there is no one to compete against compwise. Even Kevin Martin knows they played a MUCH better game.

          • Interesting that Kevin was able to beat Dumb-etres in the Baywatch veto and Dumb-etres even had Ika helping him. Too funny.

          • That is not true Demetres lost because he does not have a brain. Insert your name, sorry I don’t know my name! It took him about 3 minutes or more to figure out his own name. Physically he is good on comps, mentally he is not.

          • More like people wanted to take out Demetres from Week 1.

            Besides how do you know Will was handed the secret POV? Are you saying the game is rigged?

        • Dem, Ika and Kevin have all played a decent game. Karen is the floater that shouldn’t be there.

      • I think it’s fair to say that all except Karen are strong players. Kevin really isn’t “so-so”. Especially considering he’s all alone in this game. He’s pretty much fighting a two headed dragon.

        • Prod has them play clean up game and they hand Will the SPOV. Hmmm… I guess I just like rooting for ppl that strategically maneuver themselves thru the WHOLE game and not just win a couple comps at the end. So yes Ika has played the BEST game.

          • Ika hasn’t won a single comp and wouldn’t be there anymore if it wasn’t for Dem.

          • Thank you for making my point. Neda Sindy Bruno Jackie Dre Will Dillon and Emily all wanted Ika and Deme out YET they are still there without Ika winning a single comp. How amazing is that!!!!

          • Nobody is disagreeing with you on that point. Ika did play the best game out of the newbies. Who said she hasn’t?

            Granted I don’t like her but if she won, I’d be very impressed.

          • Sorry but she might have played a good strategic game, but with no comp win, that keep from been the one that play the BEST game. Dem played a much better game than her.

          • Again you have no proof that Will was “handed” the SPOV. Anyone could’ve found it.

            I really hate the mentality that fans like you have.

            “X didn’t happen? THIS GAME IS RIGGED!”

            While I agree that Ika played the best game you have to give Kevin credit in the fact that he was WILLING to take out Demika.

          • Ika has relied on Dem for pretty much the whole game. Kevin hasn’t had anyone to fully rely on. Yes, Bruno as with Kevin but not quite like the Demika duo!
            All Ika has done is exhaust players with her bullyness and I don’t find her derserving AT ALL!! Even Dem lowered his standard & on live feeds was demeaning Kevin as Ika & karen watched him.
            Every other player went out disappointed, I’m sure, but with grace & dignIty. Not bashing others & being sore losers!
            Just MHO

          • Of course Ika relied on Deme for comps just like he relied on her strategic moves. That is HOW you play BB. You find a Ride or Die and you are LOYAL to them. So sorry for those NOT able to accomplish that because they are too busy pretending to like a boy by kissing and flirting with them and saying it is gameplay. I call that demeaning and disgraceful NOT strategic gameplay! What show did you watch?? I saw plenty of them leave bashing others. If you call what Ika did bullying then you must live a sheltered life. Not even close to bullying. I prefer the in your face truth than the snake pretending to like me. Just MHO!!

        • I am impressed on how Kevin fought alone. Think he trying to copy Dan’s game. He played it cool till he had to preform

          • That’s a stretch. Dan didn’t rely on comps to be saved. He relied more on his people skills to veto him (Memphis, Jenn and Danielle).

            Kevin on the other hand is all alone and he needs to work hard and win comps to survive.

  2. I really, really glad Kevin won this veto. Ika hasn’t won any comp, she deserve to go. Now we will have a clash of the titans between Kevin and Dem.

    • Exciting F3????? That would have been true if Deme had won the veto and evicted Kevin then won the final hoh and picked Karen F2 instead of Ika Now THAT would have been exciting!!

        • Yeah he prob would have but I was thinking up scenarios that would make it exciting. Truth be told Kevin Karen or Deme are not FUN or exciting people to watch.

          • For entertainment purposes aside from Ika being a huge bully for most of the game, yes she was entertaining with her temper tantrum’s and sometimes being funny. Example, cleaning up Kevin’s HOH for him after he took her off the block & actually admitting she acted like a child.
            So yes, I do agree with you for entertainment purposes 🙂
            However, watching Kevin and Demitri battle it out for game purposes will be entertaining also. And watching Karen snivel and whine and stomped her feet like a child because Kevin is still in the game (because of her highly immature dislike for him! For no good reason) will be fun to watch for me personally. I can’t stand her!
            Kevin and Demitri both deserve to be battling it out to see who can take Karen to F2…… I guess good for Karen for being in the position she is, (most likely receiving $20,000 although completely not deserving it!) so in my perfect world, Kevin takes her to F2 & he can laugh in her face! $80,000 more than she has and the winner of BB5… actually, in my perfect world Demitri and Kevin are F2 ( Karen gets nothing, although she gets a vote which she does not deserve but that’s BB) & Kevin wins but, I think Demitri would win so it would not be smart for Kevin to take him to the end.
            Sorry, blah blah blah LOL talk to type! ?

    • Agreed! Couldn’t ask for a better showdown! The two best players battling it out! Oh yeah, Karen still in the game LOL forgot about her.


      • Kind of is. He is productions favourite and they hand him everything. The forced william to get the garbage and find the secret pov. Kevin would not be here if that didnt happen. Also, Kevin has played so shitty. Demika and even karen have done better. Kevin only started playing like last week and ika has since the start. THe best player and the fan fave always gets 4th place and its becoming clear that that is on purpose

        • 1. Kevin only started to play last week? Just how? Because he didn’t stand out until recently? Well maybe that’s his game. It’s called laying low. Look it up.

          2. Where is your proof that production handed him everything? You are the same people who says the show is rigged because the player you don’t like is advancing.

          3. So best player and fan fave ALWAYS get 4th place? Yeah Talla and Heather were the best players of the first two seasons? Just asking.

          4. Karen played good? Um this is the same lady who evicted her closest ally just out of spite of the object of her hate.

          • So Karen fooled you too huh? She DID NOT evict Dillon because of her hate for Kevin. If she could be HONEST she would tell you it was to become Kevin’s guaranteed F2 and win 20K. She believed it when Kevin told Dillon he would take him to F2 and she couldn’t have that.

          • I find that hard to believe. She’s trying to guarantee that Demika wins over Kevin. She would rather gag then sit in final 2 with Kevin. She could’ve just simply evicted Demetres and then tell Dillon that Kevin is BSing. But nope, she evicted the only ally she had.

          • Karen was spiteful. We all know it & so does she…… a grown-ass adult & is still mad that Kevin voted against her wishes. Ummmmm pretty sure many others have done that &???????
            Get it?!

        • Again you have no proof that production rigged the game. That’s the problem with you bitter fans. If something doesn’t go the way you want to be, suddenly you claim the game is rigged withoutay n evidence other than coincidences. Deal with it, Kevin didn’t lose.

          I’d say if Kevin was out a long time ago you wouldn’t have made this rant. I must also bring up the fact that Kevin had crap luck when it came to getting Demika out. He was surrounded by idiots (Dre, William & Karen) who would rather throw their games away for Demika.

          • If you actually watched the feeds and not just the spoilers, the producers forced william to take out the trash, they secured that he would find it. Therefore kevin would be safe, making the game rigged for kevin

      • This Adam character has a hard on for Ika!
        If things don’t go peoples way, then they say it’s rigged! But when it goes their way, then it’s not rigged!
        If people think it’s rigged then they shouldn’t be so angry because if it’s rigged, all the houseguests are in on it!
        I think Adam’s just hoping Ika sees all his comments and falls in love with him LOL ?

    • If ika could win a comp then maybe she could be the best but she can’t..if sending have her meat shield she would of been gone before jury… she’s terrible get a clue

      • What were some of the words Kevin used to describe Ika’s game?? oh yeah He said “she is GOOD. Ika has played an AMAZING game”. So is he wrong (again) or just plain stupid??? In spite of everyone wanting her and Deme gone they have managed to still make it together to F4. IT IS a TV SHOW and I would rather watch her twisting and turning than someone laying low{LOL which I don’t buy).

        • I think he was trying to calm her down as she was having a fake outburst. For entertainment value & it backfired cuz Kevin didn’t budge.
          I think she wanted to get a rose out of Kevin…. but he’s rational & doesn’t freak out like she does when things don’t go her wY.. spoiled rotten Ika!!

    • I suggest you don’t watch the rest of the season IF YOU ARE SO UPSET!!
      (CAPITAL letters suggest that you are mad so leave the season)

    • Unless Karen self evicted!!!!
      BB can’t possibly allow her to do this! Especially at this stage of the game. This would be so so so unfair! Someone’s going home tonight, that’s for sure. Right before the feeds ended for the season Arissa came on the screen and said that someone was going home tonight. And then the feeds cut off for the rest of the season.

  4. Happy dance! Happy dance!
    Karen is talking about self evicting! Can she do this, this late in the game??
    That would be so so so unfair!

    • She said she want Ika and Dem in F2. She taking herself out of the running, she doesn’t want to win. So I wouldn’t put it pass her to try that. Plus she has a weird dislike for Kevin, it’s scary.

      • That’s BS though! She can’t possibly be allowed to do that!? At this stage of the game! That would be so unfair!
        Well, we now know someone is going home tonight. Ika!!!
        Unless Karen does self evict!!
        I don’t think BB would allow that!?

        • Shut the hell up. It’s about the only good thing Karen can do is self-evict and keep Ika in the game. The fact that stupid Kevin is here sickens me. I hate him just as much as Karen does.

          • LOL… You’re telling me to shut up! OK……
            To each their own! I’m not here to debate, I’m here to simply share my opinions/thoughts and read others opinions/thoughts. Just because someone may not agree with me doesn’t mean I have a temper tantrum & stomp my feet like a child!
            Based on what you said, you and Karen would fit nicely together.
            I have a life! I don’t care who wins. I just had an opinion and I shared it. The BB winner makes no difference to me! Just because I like Kevin, doesn’t mean I will lose sleep if he doesn’t win!
            Perhaps you should try and not take this so seriously!
            So I will “shut up” now! And perhaps you should do the same 🙂

          • Thanks hon! That guy came out of nowhere and tells me to shut up LOL like what?! I’m not allowed an opinion because I like Kevin?! LOL OK…… Thanks for sticking up for me 🙂 XO

          • Any rational reason? Or just cuz you don’t like the game-play?
            And BTW it IS. A game & even Kevin can see it’s do or die right now! WHEN IT COUNTS!!

          • Hi Josh
            Tinalee is just voicing her opinions as everyone else, no need to be rude to her. You don’t even tell a child to shut up. I am sure based on her comments she is a mature adult, show some respect.

        • It is fair! She wants a deserving winner. And her and Kevin are not deserving. She can do what she wants to do.

          • Well yeah but its futile if she wants to win. She could’ve went with Dillon to the final 2. By evicting Demetres she and Dillon could team up against the rest of the vets.

            But no she wasted the opportunity and evicted her closest ally all out of spite towards Kevin.

          • OK! To each their own. To say Kevin doesn’t deserve to win is your opinion! And we are all entitled to our opinion! I’m not here to debate.

        • There is no way they are going to let Karen self-evict to save Ika. 1st, if she does that, she would lose her stipend, they wouldn’t let her sit on the jury and she would probably even be keep out of the finale show. They will use that to convince to give up on that idea. Plus to be fair, even if she self-evict, the eviction would have to happen anyway and Ika would be evicted no matter what.

          • Oh really, I didn’t know that Ika would go home anyway. Then I’ve happy 🙂

      • Agree her dislike for Kevin is scary. Not sure what game she is playing. But sure ain’t BB

      • It’s extremely odd why she hates Kevin so much. I don’t watch the live feeds so perhaps I missed something!?
        BB better have it in the rules or at the very least not let her self evict! That would be so so unfair. Yes it’s a game, but that would be bullshit!
        I seen a few surveys and Kevin is always at the top with fans voting for him to win and wanting him to win. But I seem to attract all the Kevin hater troller’s! LOL & i’ve been told to shut up, I’ve been told I’m a casual, which is true! I have a life. I come on here just for fun, entertainment! But the last few days I’ve been being trolled by Kevin haters! I don’t understand why people, some people, a minority of the people do not think Kevin deserves to be in the F2 and/or win!?

    • I’d be happy to see Karen self evict. Last time she was on the block she was horrible to Kevin. No class what-so-ever.

      • Agreed but if she self evicts then Ika stays & that then screws Kevin’s game! And that’s exactly why she would do it.
        So although I would love to see her go, the best wait for Kevin to win is Ika goes home and Kevin takes Karen to final two. Make sense?

  5. Kevin finally made it. Congrats..he got this in the bag…Of course Karen can do whatever she wants..she’s

    • Karen is super confusing! She can’t stand Kevin for no good reason! Because he lied to her on the third day or the sixth day!!! Okayyyyyy does she not know that Ika & Demetri & probably every other house guest lied to her! What a joke
      Seriously, one second she is a Maga Biatch to Kevin and the next second she’s kind! Nice to him! I don’t get it

  6. “Everybody hates Karen”
    A sitcom about a middle aged woman who knows everything but plays the old lady card to get empathy. Never shuts up and backstab her best friends. Coming next fall on “BSTV”
    Sponsored by ‘Depends’
    Tooo Funny!!!

    • LOL so true BUT she will have the last laugh when she walks away with 20K in her pocket. and I say kudos to her

      • Agreed! She wouldn’t deserve it but she’s easy to win against so, yeah good for her.
        That said, she has been saying for weeks and weeks now that she “wants a deserving players to go to F2” soooooo if she truly means that and Kevin wins the final HOH, and picks Karen to go with him, wouldn’t she be totally contradicting herself? Or even if Dimitri wins and takes Karen to the F2 wouldn’t that also be totally contradicting herself? She can’t possibly think she’s played a better game than Kevin!
        I am not disagreeing with you, good for her if she makes $20,000 but, then everything she said about having 2 deserving players in the end would be laughable if she was in the final two!
        Make sense?

        • Why would you not have the last laugh if everyone laughed and made fun of you all season YET they go home with NOTHING and you know you are getting at least 20K. I promise you Karen and Bruce will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  7. “That’s a wrap! Big Brother live feeds are now closed for the rest of the season”
    well, at least I found out Kevin won the veto! ? Happy dance ??

  8. This sucks. I hate Keven so much. Ika deserved to win. Please, Demetres or Karen, take that despicable guy down.

  9. Take a breath Josh. Kevin hasn’t made his choice yet. But he may send Karen to jury. 1) Because she screwed him over. 2) And to just to make it harder for the Greek God.

  10. “That Kevin Martin” won the veto! Yay! Good for him!
    If Kevin and Dimitri’s are in the F2, who do you think will win the votes from the jury?
    Demetries will get Karen & Ika’s vote (2)
    Kevin will get Bruno’s & probably Williams and Neda’s …….. (3)
    Who will Jackie vote for? I am thinking/hoping Kevin because of Jackie’s dislike towards Ika. Is that a good reason, no! But it will even out Karen’s “Spiteful vote”
    Dre? (Will Ika get in her ear/head?
    Sindy (I would have said she would vote for Kevin but, after her ride with Demetries, I really don’t know now??)
    Dillon??? That one’s a tossup for me as well.
    I don’t watch the feeds that much so a lot of you know WAY more than I do. Thoughts?

    • When Dre, Will, Dillon, Jackie and Karen were together in the house they said several times they want a newbie to win. Base on how these newbies played except Demetres of course, I don’t know if they will vote on how the person played or newbies versus vets as they were saying when they were in the house. Neda or one of the other vets would have encourage them to vote for best player and not newbies versus vets. If Kevin and Karen or Kevin and Demetres is in final 2, there is one extra newbie vote than vet, so if the newbies stick to there plan of wanting a newbie to win they could easily give it to Karen over Kevin or Demetres over Kevin. Kevin best bet to win is to send Karen home, keep Ika, win the first round of HOH, Ika and Demetres battle the next round and even if Demetres win and battle Kevin in the final round Kevin is good on mental comps and would likely have a chance to beat Demetres. Then Kevin and Ika in final 2, I think he would have a better chance.

      • Really! Just a vote for a newbie because you are a newbie is insane! OK not insane but stupid LOL

        • Super stupid….. but so is Karen’s rational for not liking Kevin……
          These are not normal ppl in the house……

          • True that! It’s funny, the entire game I have been wondering why Karen had such a dislike for Kevin and then finally finding out it was because he lied to her on day six! I was like you have to be kidding me! She’s a whack job

  11. I see the votes going this way.
    Dimitri – Ika Karen Dillon Dre (4)
    Kevin – Bruno Neda Sindy William & ‘sadly’ Jackie being the tiebreaker. But hoping she picks Kevin just to even out Karen’s spiteful vote.
    So hopefully Karen and Jackie vote for opposite people, that way their votes mean nothing! So Kevin wins with 5! (I hope and could totally be wrong!)
    Not that I’m saying Dimitri wouldn’t deserve to win. But I don’t like spiteful votes!
    I could be way off but, it’s just my guess at the moment. Thoughts?

  12. Curious, (because I rarely if ever watch the live feeds). Will Kevin or Demetries take each other to the F2? Did they make a F2? Just because they both know it’s doubtful Karen will win the final HOH, therefore Kevin and Demetries are threats to each other to not make it to the end so making F2 could be smart but then again, would either actually go through with it? I don’t think either would.
    & could Karen win if in the F2 with either of the guys? HIGHLY DOUBTFUL, I think aside from Karen, they would pick the deserving a player to win! I think most of the jury members thus far are logical people! Aside from Jackie!
    “Kevin for BB5 Winner” against the evil, gossipy, biatch Karen! In your face! Karma!

    • LOL on your Jackie comment. I also agree this is just a game and not even ours to win or lose. I have never understood the need for people to attack someone just for stating their opinion It is fun rooting for those that play the game well according to our own perceptions.

      • Exactly! That’s why I don’t play back at the troller’s. Kill them with kindness, sort of LOL

  13. Wow! I just checked my notifications and I seem to have attracted the “I hate Kevin trollers”
    I am a “casua fan of BB, I rarely watch the live feeds (if at all!) I don’t know absolutely everything that goes on. But I am entitled to my opinion and I do like Kevin and I do believe he has a good chance at winning, even against Dimitri. That said, I won’t lose any sleep if Dimitri wins! He is one of the best players I have ever watched on any Big Brother!
    It has been back-and-forth and back-and-forth between the two of them and the two of them only for weeks and weeks now! How at all does that make Kevin a bad player!? Makes no sense to me! (but please don’t answer that, because again, I don’t care to debate/entertain trollers……..
    So again, for all you “I hate Kevin trollers”, I am here simply to read the comments and for some fun and entertainment & to share MY thoughts and opinions! So please don’t think I’m going to play your “Troller game” with you! Because I am not! And I most definitely do NOT care about your personal attacks on me and my character! I don’t know you & you mean nothing to me! Relax, it’s just a game! In the end, you’re not making any money and neither am I! Nothing but entertainment purposes for me personally! That’s all 🙂

  14. My question is how the heck has Karen managed to get this far?? She’s done nothing but lie and complain all season yet she has a great chance at making it to final two? It’s ridiculous! I hope Kev sends Karen home and help Duke it out with Demetres and Ika since I doubt Demetres would win the final HoH against Kevin. Plus Kevin has a way better chance at winning if he’s sitting next to Ika since pretty much everyone in jury hates her guts. As opposed to sitting next to Karen where there are some crazy newbs who wouldn’t mind giving their votes to Karen all because they want to see a newbie win oh so badly. The decision is yours Kevin. But please for the viewers sake get rid of the crazy woman that is Karen!

    • Remember Nicole from BB18? Jury hated her right? Right? Yea…if I were Kevin, I would not take any chances

        • Nicole didn’t really have strategy. She just sat back while all the big moves happened and narrated those moves as big for her game, as if she puppeted them all

          • Agree 1mil%. Just another BB winner that didn’t play and stayed in bed with Cory the whole season.

  15. I’m just reading the comments. And laughing at some of the people who don’t believe Kevin has played a good game! Dan from big brother US, (I forget the seasons) is one of the best, if not the best player to have ever played big brother! Kevin is a lot like Dan! And Kevin has been playing this game pretty much on his own!
    Kevin plays poker for a living! You can’t possibly think Kevin wasn’t playing the game from the second he walked in the door! It’s in his blood! Yeah, he wasn’t front and centre at the beginning of the game but he was still sitting back observing, aligning himself with the right people, laying low but playing. He didn’t need to get any blood on his hands initially so he didn’t! And when he finally had to play hard and show his cards, he did! And he’s been killing it ever since.
    A lot of you Ika “fans” need to put your hard ons away & truly look at Kevin’s game! Perhaps you should start watching it from the beginning again!
    If Ika didn’t have Demetri, she would have been long gone!
    For the record, I’m not saying Ika has played a terrible game but she’s been a huge bully though! And for that reason and that reason alone I don’t think she deserves to win! I could go back-and-forth with Ika’s “fans” about what Kevin did versus what Ika did to try and “prove” Kevin deserves to win but it’s useless! Start using your big brain, not your little one!
    Just my opinion! 🙂

  16. I have wondered for most of the seasonal why Karen “hates” Kevin so much! And we finally got our answer tonight. Because he lied to her on the sixth day, two months ago!
    Does Karen think she special and she should never be lied to!
    Does Karen think Kevin (& Bruno) are the only 2 ppl to ever lie to her! Her two BFFs Ika & Dimitri have lied to her. For a recent example is they made a deal with Kevin before the triple evection. Why doesn’t she hate them now? That’s just one example of the many lies people have told her! SMH & yet she only hates “That Kevin Martin.” Strange

  17. So if Karen strongly believes the final two should be deserving players, does that mean once Ika goes home, Karen is going to self evict?!?!?
    And not except Kevin or Dimitri taking her to the final two? Because she certainly doesn’t deserve it! So is she going to stay true to the words she has said over and over and over again!? She wants to see “2 deserving players in the final two” And will it be Kevin and Dimitri in the final two?!?!?
    HIGHLY DOUBT it because she gives me whiplash with her thoughts!

  18. Love Kevin! He has played a great game, was so happy he won the veto. I wasn’t going to watch the end of the season until he won veto. Ika is a bully,Demetres is a lap dog and Karen is the biggest floating den mother I have ever seen!

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