Who Went Home Tonight on Big Brother Canada 7? Week 2 Live Eviction Recap

We have finally reached the end of week two of Big Brother Canada 7. It’s been a long week with Maki and Kyra both trying to keep their games alive.

Tonight, one of those games reaches a screeching conclusion. Kyra’s emotions have made them an easy target for many houseguests, Dane included. In fact, Dane was confident that getting Kyra out this week would be easy. He was wrong.

He set his sights on a bigger target with Sam to end the Adam and Sam romance, to keep him loyal to the Pretty Boys. Adam won the Power of Veto, so that plan went out the door in a hurry. The only reason Dane even nominated Maki was because he rejected his deal during the Head of Household competition.

Since being on the block, Maki has made one bad move after another. Kyra has stayed low enough to make they seem like a non-threat. Now it all comes down to where the house decides to vote—officially.

BBCAN7 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall Out:

Adam decided not to use the Veto. This leaves Kyra and Maki without any options but to campaign hard for their Big brother Canada lives.

Prior to eviction, the Pretty Boys started to worry about Maki. First he threw Adam’s name as a potential target, and then came Dane’s name. Stef and Kiera wanted to do everything possible to keep Maki safe. Eddie also tried to make sure Maki stayed and Kyra went. Kyra worked on her own to secure her safety. Eventually things weren’t looking good for Maki.

BBCAN7 Week 2 Eviction Vote:

Adam VTE Maki
Anthony VTE Maki
Chelsea VTE Maki
Cory VTE-Didn’t vote
Damien VTE Kyra
Eddie VTE Kyra
Kailyn VTE Kyra
Kiera VTE Kyra
Mark VTE Maki
Sam VTE Maki
Stef VTE Kyra

It’s a tie. Dane casts the final vote. He chose to evict Maki.

Maki left by putting a plague on the house, as he should.

BBCAN7 Week 3 Head of Household Competition:

The Pretty Boys have been…well sitting pretty with two straight weeks of Head of Household wins. Will someone not on their team finally win HoH?

For the HOH competition, the houseguests had to do a series of tasks throughout the week. Now they must answer questions about it. Two must face off and answer true or false questions

Adam vs Damien-Adam won

Kiera vs. Kailyn-Kiera won

Mark vs. Adam-Mark won

Eddie vs Kiera-Kiera won

Sam vs. Kyra-Sam won

Cory vs Anthony-Anthony won

Stef vs Sam-Stef won

Chelsea vs Mark-Chelsea won

Stef vs Kiera-Stef won

Anthony vs Chelsea-Chelsea won

Cjelsea vs Stef-Chelsea won

Chelsea is the new Head of Household.

screencaps made by 89razorskate20

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