Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

Per usual, the feeds have been down for hours, but there was enough game talk last night to know Chelsea’s plan for the week. Right now, Chelsea wants to get someone from the “other side” out of the Big Brother Canada 7 house. During yesterday’s Big Brother Canada eviction, it was pretty obvious about the house divide.

Chelsea’s side included Sam, Adam, Mark, Anthony, and Dane. They all voted against Maki. Kyra also falls on this side of things. On the other side, Eddie. Damien, Kailyn, Stef, and Kiera. Chelsea is being careful not to say that there are sides, to stop the other side from making it official. Cory seems to just be in the middle, because she was allowed to keep her cards close to her chest by not voting.

Chelsea originally planned to target Kailyn. Many players know that Kailyn will target Adam and Sam, and they know that Kailyn influences people easily. She seems like a social threat. However, Chelsea isn’t really sure that Kailyn stands a chance at winning competitions, so she’s not exactly a comp beast. Therefore, Chelsea switched her target from Kailyn to Kiera. However, she still holding Kailyn as a possible backdoor option.

As this season’s pawn star, Damien became Chelsea focus to put up as a pawn. So did Chelsea stick with her plan?

BBCAN7 Week 3 Nominations:

  • Chelsea nominated: Kiera and Damien

Do you think Chelsea made the right decision by nominating Kiera and Damien? Who are you hoping wins the Power of Veto? Keep it here for more spoilers, news, updates, and recaps. Join us tomorrow for the Big Brother Canada 7 Week 3 Power of Veto spoiler.

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