Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Competition Results

This Big Brother Canada 7 week is all about Chelsea and how she plans to handle her new reign of power. The Maki vs. Kyra vote revealed a lot of people’s cards. The first week of Big Brother Canada 7, the whole house voted as a unit, despite clear divides.

The second week, one side of the house chose a player and the other one picked someone else. It came down to tie, which revealed Dane’s cards, which many players are ignoring. Now, Chelsea’s side has the power. She’s playing it safe by going after two people from the other side. However, the two nominees might not be her intended target.

She has proudly discussed a plan to backdoor Kailyn. who many people on her side see as the leader of the possible other side. They also think she’s manipulative, and Kyra, who is one of Chelsea’s close allies, has a major issue with her. Now it all comes down to Veto.

If any of the nominees, Chelsea, or some other player who knows Chelsea’s plan wins Veto, they’re taking down Damien or Kiera. This puts Kailyn in major danger, which she doesn’t even realize. So did the Power of Veto change things for this week?

BBCAN7 Veto Comp Week 3:

  • Sam won the POV!

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