Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 7 Recap: With Chelsea in Charge is a Backdoor Coming?

It’s time for another Big Brother Canada 7 episode. It appears that we’re in for a season with one side of the house against the other. The lines of sides were nearly blurred at the start of Big Brother Canada, but now the lines are becoming ,more defined. Essentially, everyone picked a side this week with the Maki vs. Kyra. Unfortunately for the Maki side of the vote, things aren’t looking good for them.

Some are safer than others, but that side doesn’t have the numbers or the competition wins. For the past three weeks, the Pretty Boys and allies have been in power. Chelsea made it a third week when she took home the Head of Household win against a member of the other side, Stef.

Tonight’s episode should focus a lot on Chelsea’s plan for the week, and her targets. Chelsea is closely aligned with Kyra—for better or worse—and Kyra has a big rivalry with Kailyn. She has told anyone who will listen that Kailyn is untrustworthy and must leave the Big Brother Canada 7 game. This is her chance to get her out.

BBCAN7 Eviction and Head of Household Fall Out:

With emotions running high, it was not an easy eviction night.

Maki leaves and calls everyone fake, and then Kyra jumps in and calls him fake. Prior to the eviction, Kailyn gathers five houseguests to ensure that Kyra goes, because she’s sure Dane will vote her out if it’s a tie. She was wrong.

After Chelsea wins Head of Household, her side celebrate the win. Eddie tells Kailyn that he put his game on the line because she swayed him. She said that’s not the case, and that this vote showed Dane’s cards.

The Big Brother Canada 7 houseguests had a BBQ themed Have-Not competition. They randomly drew names to pick teams. There are two rounds. for the first rounds there is a head to head matches, and houseguests had to race to find slop recipes and then eat them.

For round two, the houseguests had to continue the racing. In the end, Anthony, Sam, and Eddie lose and becomes the Have-Nots for the week.

The Pretty Boys regroup and discuss the week. They think they’re all safe this week, and Adam says that Kailyn is manipulative, and she was able to turn two of the guys in a second.

BBCAN7 Week 3 Nominations:

Who will Chelsea put up for eviction?

Chelsea declares that Kailyn is her target for the week, but she still needs to consider her options. Chelsea decides that Kiera and Damien are the perfect pawns for her backdoor plan.

Arisa Cox announces that Canada can give someone access to Leon’s Lounge, which will give them access to video footage. Canada gets to vote for this winner.

Chelsea tries to trick Kailyn into a sense of safety by telling her that she just wants to get out floaters this week.

Chelsea nominates two pawns, Damien and Kiera.

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Screencap credit to 89razorskate20‘s Twitter