Big Brother Canada 7 Predictions: Will the House Flip on Maki?

All week the Big Brother Canada 7 houseguests have flipped and flopped about who to evict. The week started with a solid evict Kyra plan. Then Maki became reckless with his campaigning, tossing all kinds of names out there.

He was a little too honest. It also helps that Kyra is close friends with Chelsea, who is also closely aligned with super couple Adam and Sam.

It also doesn’t help that Maki is way better at competitions than Kyra. Currently, Eddie, Kailyn, Stef, and Kiera want to keep Maki. Damien and Dane seem also to prefer that option, but since Anthony has switched his opinion to getting out Maki, they’re more on board with it. They are just worried about the consequences.

Sam, Adam, and Chelsea really want to get Maki out. Anthony is also now on this side of things because Maki mentioned his name. The houseguests are still deciding on who to evict, so this might come down to a very last minute decision, but here’s our guess on how the votes will go:

Adam votes to evict Maki
Anthony votes to evict Maki
Chelsea votes to evict Maki
Cory votes to evict Maki
Damien votes to evict Maki
Eddie votes to evict Maki
Kailyn votes to evict Maki
Kiera votes to evict Maki
Mark votes to evict Maki
Sam votes to evict Maki
Stef votes to evict Maki

Maki is evicted by an 11-0 vote.

Who do you think will be leaving tonight? Join us later for a full recap of tonight’s Big Brother Canada 7 Live Eviction.

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