Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 4 Recap: Will the Power of Veto Shake Up the Game?

Somehow this first week of Big Brother Canada 7 has been filled with excitement and also very dull. The season started with a bang with twists after twists. The first twist gave Damien a little power, while taking away the nominees power. There wasn’t a Power of Veto competition, and Damien got to watch all the Big Brother Canada houseguests enter. Next, we let Canada vote for who they wanted to see enter the game. They picked Cory.

She was sent on a do or die mission to get three final two deals. She sealed those deals with Eddie, Kailyn, and Damien. The week continued on with Dane winning Head of Household.

He nominated Kyra and Maki for eviction. Kyra was his target but things may have changed.

Dane set his sights on possibly taking out Sam to keep Adam‘s focus on the game and the Pretty Boys. The only way for this to happen is if someone wins the Veto and changes nominations.

Will it happen?

BBCAN7 Week 2 Power of Veto Competition:

Who will hold the Veto power this week? Let’s find out.

Kiera and Stef discuss their alliance, Young Blood. They want to lay low but they want to get out Adam because they can’t take his arrogance. Maki proposes to Anthony that they form an alliance with Kailyn. Anthony likes this idea but his true alliance is to the Pretty Boys.

Following nominations, Kyra has a talk with Dane. They are worried that they might be the target. They don’t feel like their emotions should be used against them. Later, Dane tells Adam that he wants to backdoor Sam. He doesn’t want her interfering and distracting Adam from his game.

This week’s Head of Household competition involved houseguests running on a log from one side to another. They needed to get “syrup” to fill a bucket. The first person to fill their bucket won. Adam, Chelsea, and Anthony were selected to play alongside nominees Kyra and Maki. Dane wasn’t allowed to compete in this Veto.

Prior to Veto, Adam lied to Sam about her being a backdoor target. So he wanted to win the Veto to keep her safe.

Adam wins the Veto.

Following the Veto competition, Dane and Sam get into a little argument. She knows he was trying to backdoor her, but he tries to lie about it. Later, Adam and Sam kiss and discuss being more secretive about their closeness.

BBCAN7 Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony:

Will noms stay the same or change?

Maki tries to bro-down with Adam to get him to use the Veto on him. He says they really need to get rid of the women so it can be all guys at the end.

Prior to Veto, Dane, Anthony, and Mark decide to use Mark as a way to cause some tension between Sam and Adam. They send Mark to flirt with her, which he happily goes to do.

Adam decides not to use the Veto.

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