Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 3 Recap: A New Head of Household is Crowned

The Big Brother Canada madness has just begun. Now we’re two episode in and a few days of Live Feeds down. Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 7 episode ended with Laura leaving the house, and Cory entering it. The houseguests were surprised to meet her, but everyone expected Laura’s exit with an unanimous vote.

Tonight, we’ll see another battle for power as the remaining houseguests fight for their place in the game. Last week, Big Brother shocked the players by announcing that no Veto competition would be payed that week. That meant a guaranteed game death for one player. With these types of ruthless twists, no one will be playing a passive game this season–at least they shouldn’t if they want to make it far

Besides the Head of Household competition, tonight we’ll see how the houseguests react to Cory entering the game. We’ll also see who the Head of Household nominates. So sit back and join us as we recap another episode of Big Brother Canada 7.

BBCAN7 Week 2 Head of Household Competition:l

It’s a gold themed competition, and anyone but Adam can win it. Will this week be another week where the Pretty Boys take control?

Dane and the Pretty Boys are a little worried that Cory  might have watched them before entering the house. This means she would know about their alliance. They must win it.

At the start of this competition, Big Brother announces that Cory won’t play in any of this week’s competitions and she can’t be nominated.

To win HOH, players must balance a golf ball on their put. The player who outlasts everyone wins. However, a player can also win by taking a shot and getting a hole in one. They have to buzz in first after hearing a sound.

The houseguests are eliminated in this order: Stef (who tries to fake throwing it but makes it obvious), Kiera, Damien, Sam, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Kyra.

Mark, Anthony, and Maki all attempt a hole in one and fail. Maki makes it to the final three and rejects Dane’s attempt at a deal.

Eddie and Dane are the final two. They agree not to target each other this week but play out the competition.

Dane becomes the new Head of Household.

BBCAN7 Week 2 Nominations:

Is it time to make a big move or play it safe? Only this week’s Head of Household can decide.

Dane’s first job as HOH is to pick the first three have-nots. He picks Sam because she volunteers, and Mark and Adam to throw off that they’re working together.

Dane gets some photos of his father and breaks down. He shares with the houseguest that his dad passed away from suicide. He also gets a video from his sister.

Last week, Kyra had a few emotional break downs which made them an easy target. It made Chelsea worry about aligning with them.

Maki suggests that Dane put up Kiera and Kyra, but Dane says that he’s really considering nomination Maki. He needs him to play in HOH and he doesn’t think anyone will vote him out. Maki is a little skeptical of it.

Adam and Sam work to resist temptation but they both like each other. They just know a showmance is bad for their game.  Anthony and Dane discuss Sam, Chelsea, and Adam. They don’t trust them and know that Adam wants to take them to the end to help his game. They think Sam is shady and must go sooner rather than later.

Dane’s shortlist is Chelsea, Sam, Maki, and Kyra.

He nominates Maki and Kyra.

Cory’s Mission:

Cory has an extra bit of pressure this week. She only has 24-hours to make three final two deals. Can she do it? Or will she be walking back out the house?

Cory has an instant bond with Eddie, so he’s her first final two deal. Cory attempts to make a final two deal with Kyra, but they reject it.

Cory works hard to get a for sure final two deal with Kailyn. It takes awhile but she finally gets it.

Cory puts her last hopes on Damien, but so far he’s not quite biting her bait. Eventually he takes the deal.

Cory succeeds in making three final two deals.

Join us again Wednesday for another recap! And keep it here all week for more news and spoilers.

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