Watch Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 01

Big Brother Canada 2 episode 01
Big Brother Canada 2 episode 01

Tonight on Slice we got the first episode of Big Brother Canada 2 and the season started off icy hot! (*groan*)

If you missed tonight’s premiere of BBCAN2 then check out the video below and get caught up along with our premiere episode recap.

We’ve also got this week’s nomination spoilers for you that will lead in to Thursday night’s eviction episode. Yep, this season is going to start out racing!

Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 01:

Zoink! The video was removed. You’ll have to visit to watch. Details on how you can make that work from the US.

Are you happy with the results of the first HoH competition? Would you have taken that deal if you were standing on those blocks of ice?

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Video credit: Big Brother Archive