Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers & Results – Premiere Recap

Here we go! Big Brother Canada 2 starts tonight on Slice and we’ve got all your spoilers and results from the premiere episode with live updates right here beginning at 9PM ET.

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

First up tonight we’ve got to meet the new Houseguests who will be entering their new home for potentially several months (if all goes well for them). There’s a live audience at their arrival which is a cool departure from BBUS’s closed event.

Once inside the BBCAN HGs will have a chance to scramble to secure a bed and get to know each other before the game really gets going. Tonight’s episode will feature the first Head of Household competition and rumor has it they’ll be doing an endurance comp to decide that first HoH!

That won’t be the only big event of the night though as we’re still anxiously awaiting the announcement of the 15th HG who has been a big mystery so far outside of some rumors that could be true.

Arisa Cox kicks off the premiere by revealing this will be “The Season of Secrets.” Oh my. She says the viewers will be a critical component of the game. There will be more twists and surprises. Ugh. There were too many twists last season, but maybe they’ll just be different… yeah, probably not.

Now we’re getting a run through the house. Here are some of the new house pics:

Time to meet all those HGs and there are fourteen so far (we’re still waiting on that mysterious 15th HG). Check out all the BBCAN2 cast bios and pics here.

First HGs to enter: Arlie, Kenny, Sabrina, Andrew, & Sarah. They realize they’re the first inside and scramble to pick the best beds (after figuring out they’re upstairs).

Next up we’ve got: Kyle, Ika, Anick, & Jon. Lots of girls screaming as this second group heads inside. Handshakes and hugs all around before they ran off to find a bed.

Arisa tells us she’s about to drop a big “massive twist of the season” surprise that’s something no Big Brother has ever done anywhere. Oh boy!

Now it’s time for the final five HGs: Adel, Heather, Neda, Paul, & Rachelle. They’re heading inside as the final arrivals.

Arisa comes on the in-house screen to chat them up and then get the first HoH underway. It’s called “Icebreakers” and looks to be an endurance comp. Then we’ll also get more details on this huge twist Arisa keeps hyping!

Head of Household:

All the HGs are in their Canadian themed swimsuits and will step on to their ice blocks. Last person remaining will win. To help tempt them off there’s tons and tons and tons of pizza and wings sitting over there waiting for them.

Everyone is struggling and this can’t be fun at all. Finally we get someone willing to drop off: Anick.

Next off we get Sarah and it doesn’t sound like it’ll be long for the next HG to follow. Yep, there goes Andrew.

Sabrina says she couldn’t feel her feet anymore. She’s done. 10 left.

Now we’ve got three coolers sitting on the ground in front of the remaining competitors. (Think BB15’s lunchboxes.) Heather drops to get a cooler and finds $1K in there. Nice! Ika drops next to get one, but this doesn’t look good. Oops. Ika has to stay in her patriotic swimsuit for 48 hours. Well at least the guys are happy, but she’s not.

Paul offers up an idea: if he wins HoH he won’t put any of the last 8 HGs up on the block. Players left don’t seem to like it and the ones who dropped are even more worried. Kenny gets Paul to promise none of them can be backdoor’d either.

Everyone agrees and after 92 minutes everyone but Paul steps off. Paul is the first HoH of BBCAN2!

Twist Time:

Here is the first twist of the season. Viewers will be voting in the 15th HG. Three options are already inside the house living in a secret room for the next week. (Yikes, that sucks for them.) Viewers will then pick which of the three they want to become the 15th player.

  • Scott “Contessa” Bosse is the first option. He’s a 36 year old hospital worker slash drag queen. Seriously.
  • Nate Sandri, a 23 year old sheet metal worker.
  • Allison White, a 25 year old registered nurse working in psychiatry.

You can vote at Slice’s site over the next week for which of the three you want to move in to the house.

Alright, the Live Feeds are up and running over at! Start watching right now. If you’re outside of Canada then check our tips to watch the Feeds for free.

The first eviction will be held this Thursday night! Wow that’s fast. So stay with us as we figure out what’s been going on in the house between the timeline of the premiere episode ended and the Feeds picked up.

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