Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 5’: Week 4 ‘Backwards Week’ Nominations

I honestly don’t know what we’ll get tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 as part of “Backwards Week,” but there must be nominations. Beyond that, well let’s find out!

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

It’s been a weird few days on the Feeds as pretty much everything is done with the last major event wrapping up on Sunday afternoon ahead of Thursday’s show. Now we’re playing catch up with tonight’s BBCAN episode.

When things left off on Thursday night we saw Neda head in to the Bridge to cast her nomination votes against Dre and Gary. We learned that which ever two HGs drew the most votes would be sent to the Block with only a chance at Veto for safety and no shot at HoH this week. Ouch.

Since then the nominations have been revealed on the Feeds, the Veto comp was played on Friday, Ceremony held on Saturday, and the HoH comp run through on Sunday. Quite the rush of events almost as though we were going to see two weeks squeezed in to one, but who knows.

Starting at 9/8c tonight we’ll get at least the nominations and probably the Veto competition to leave the Ceremony and HoH comp for Wednesday’s show. This “Backwards Week” is a weird one, but it’s interesting to see BBCAN trying something so different. Now we’ll just have to see how smoothly it works on TV.

Join us back here tonight at 9PM ET and we’ll chat about the show as it plays out. See you then!

BBCAN5, tonight on Global at 9/8c. Find out how to watch online from the US.