Big Brother Canada 5: “Backwards Week” Target Set For Eviction

It’s only Monday, but this week of Big Brother Canada 5 is looking to be pretty much set for the next eviction and the one vote that decides it. Ready to find out who is going next?

Ika and Gary on BBCAN5

There’s not much to decide after the house majority set their targets on the Block and unless you’re suddenly ready to go against the house then the choice is all but decided for the current Head of Household.

Gary and Dre are on the Block with Demetres set to make the sole vote to decide who will be leaving in the next eviction show. Now Demetres supposedly didn’t vote for either of them to go up so maybe he’d make a choice different from what the house wants, right? Nah.

The majority, Vets plus a few newbies, wants Gary gone and Demetres has said he would comply. There’s not much he could do at this point and upsetting the majority might not be the best choice for an outgoing HoH.

Speaking of, why in the world did Demetres win this HoH? He didn’t need it. The noms were set and there was no chance to change them with the Veto all played out. These weren’t even the noms he wanted. Who knows the “why” here but he’s stuck with it now.

Demetres may be secretly hoping there’s more to his role as HoH. He’s mentioned preparing plans for getting to make outgoing HoH nominations for the next week, but that doesn’t make sense since what would the next HoH do? Demetres has told the Vets he’d put up Dillon and Emily if that happens but, the rules from Global don’t support that expectation so don’t plan on seeing it happen.

On Thursday you can be ready for Demetres to vote out Gary over Dre as we move on to the next week of BBCAN5, a non-backwards week. Who would you evict if it was your choice this week? Dre or Gary? Share your thoughts below.