Big Brother Canada 5: Don’t Count Gary Out Just Yet

Yesterday I wrote that Gary was all but done in the game, but more talks suggest that maybe he’s still got another chance for his stay in the Big Brother Canada 5 house.

Ika and Demetres talk on BBCAN5

The noms are set for the upcoming eviction and we know who will be casting that sole vote, but here comes a chance of things going a little differently than I expected.

At this point even Gary has to know he’s in serious trouble. The majority want him gone and Demetres, the current HoH and only voter this week, is caught somewhere in between as he’s aligned closely with Ika but wants to stay in the good graces of the numbers in control.

Talking last night with Ika, Demetres pointed out that if he votes to keep Gary then the group of six could easily dump the two of them (Demetres and Ika) then pull in Emily and Dillon as their replacements. He’s suggesting that keeping Gary would only hurt their game in the long run.

Ika countered that she was tired of seeing the group getting what they want each week. Remember Ika wanted Cassandra to stay last week and now kinda wants Gary to stay. It’d be Neda 2, Ika 0.

One idea tossed around was that Demetres could vote to keep Gary and then blame it on the backwards week fear that his vote would be reversed the same way their Have-Not voting went. I doubt that cover story would last for long and they’ve got to know that too.

Gary still looks to be in a bad spot, but maybe he’s not completely done and gone just yet. What do you think? Could he get another week in the Big Brother Canada house or is his game about to end on Thursday?