Tonight On Big Brother Canada 5: Week 3 HoH Comp & Noms

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 we pick up after the last eviction as we said goodbye to Dallas and the remaining Houseguests faced a memory challenge for the latest Head of Household competition.

BBCAN5 Week 3 HoH competition - Source: Global

If you’ve been following the Feeds or our coverage then you already know who won Head of Household and who was nominated this week, the topics of tonight’s show, but there’s more we’ll get to see with the immediate eviction reactions and more.

Emily dodged eviction and that gives her the chance to pair back up with Dillon. Vets are down one and so are the Newbies. Time for the clash of the Houseguests to resume with a level field, well aside from that ridiculous Time Warp safety twisty twist.

Join us back here tonight at 9PM ET and we’ll chat about the show as it plays out. See you then!

BBCAN5 tonight on Global at 9/8c. Find out how to watch online from the US.


    • I watched. It was… eh. Had lots of potential, but the editing was soo choppy it was hard to follow. They introduced one of the teams in the last 1/3 of the season. Not all teams came out on the same schedule so it was weird.

      Plus, someone would go somewhere “I haven’t talked to this person in 15 years” and suddenly the hunters would go “hey, let’s go to this random person’s house and go around the back.” It was so far fetched that it was hard to believe.

    • I needed those subtitle too, because I understood only half of what they were saying, and I speak french.

  1. Thoughts:
    – Yay Nedz!
    – Gary and Dillon are forging a bond. Wonder if that will help Gary’s game.
    – Dillon and Emily are either Brendon and Rachel (Season 12) or Jon and Neda (hey what do ya know!^^)
    – Dre and William are pretty much either floating or laying low
    – Once Cass is gone Jackie is on her own. Who will she turn to?

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