Big Brother Canada 5 Week 3 Voting Plans

Votes for this week’s Big Brother Canada 5 eviction are starting to pile up and the main target is in a bad spot, but shh, don’t let her know that. Not just yet at least.

BBCAN5 Houseguests await the next vote

Working on votes instead of rolling over is always my preferred method, but the catch is that it’s hard to get the truth in the Big Brother house especially when it’s your time to go.

The Veto is over and done for Big Brother Canada this week. William didn’t use it and Cass was left on the Block as Neda’s big target. Looks like Neda will get her way on Thursday night.

Cassandra hasn’t given up though and continues to work the house trying to round up votes. She needs six this week and that’s a bridge too far. At best she could hope for a shot at four votes, but even those aren’t really there.

Last night Cass talked with Dre, Ika, Gary, and William about voting to keep her. They promised they would, but in reality they won’t. Gary, for his part, does seem to have continued to suggest around it’d be better for some of them to keep Cass, but even in his circles they could only get five of the six necessary votes.

Dre and William don’t want to get dragged down with Cass but those two are high on the Neda and company’s target list next so it’s not like life is going to get easier for them right away. Gary’s in a bad spot too but Ika continues to play the middle well so she could escape this situation okay.

We’ll keep watching to see if things change, but for now I’d expect to see Cassandra voted out 11-0 on Thursday night’s BBCAN5 show.

What do you hope will happen this week? Want more Cass or is she done for here?