Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 5’: Week 8 Power Of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 the Houseguests are back with the Power of Veto events after Kevin, the current Head of Household, sent Demetres and Ika to the Block. Time to see if either of them gets to escape along with the chance at a bonus adventure.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

There’s no secret Veto this week but there is the chance at a free ride around in the giveaway Toyota. One Juror will join tonight’s Veto winner, but we probably won’t see that play out in tonight’s episode. Tomorrow isn’t far away though.

Down to just eight Houseguests left on BBCAN5 but by the end of the week it’ll be just five HGs. That’s crazy! Thursday’s Triple Eviction is going to make quick work of any remaining alliances when all these two-faced deals will be put to the test and we’ll see who survives the night. Tonight sets up for the big ride so let’s see what happens.

Can’t wait until tonight’s BBCAN5 episode? We’ve got your Veto spoilers along with details on who we’re expecting to be evicted by the week’s end. Find out the latest from the Big Brother Feeds and get ready for the next show on Global.

Join us back here tonight and we’ll chat about the show as it plays out. See you then!

BBCAN5, tonight on Global at 9/8c. Find out how to watch online from the US.