Big Brother Canada 5 Week 8 Voting Plans – Update

Five votes this week on Big Brother Canada and that means it’s all up to the commoners as Kevin watches and waits for their decision over which of his final two nominees should be sent off to Jury.

Jackie and Karen on Big Brother Canada 5

We’ve actually had some moving and shaking on the plans which should make for an interesting Thursday night either way things turn out. Of course if this new plan sticks then I’ll be left shaking my head at their choice.

The Power of Veto has played out and Demetres escaped danger while Jackie went up in his place next to Ika. So they vote out Ika, break up the couple, and eliminate another Vet, right? Easy choice, right? Right?! Nah.

In the past two days they’re actually now talking about keeping Ika. Who is considering this? All of them. A five to nothing vote to keep Ika and thereby Demika together in the game… Huhwhat?

Sure, Ika hasn’t won anything and Jackie has one win under her belt, but Ika has Demetres and Demetres has Ika. Jackie has… yeah. The current thinking seems to be that Demika will remain a bigger threat before the others and they like that idea. Personally I’d be far less concerned about the isolated Jackie than Ika who has connections left and right, albeit some of those connections are weak and superficial.

This could always change again but Ika is working hard around the house and could pull this one off. I’ll be impressed if she gets to stay and flummoxed by the house’s decision at the same time.

What do you think of their idea to keep Ika over Jackie? Smart move or total nonsense? Who could decide to change the plan again and keep Jackie around? Of course with that Triple Eviction coming up Ika could still find her way out the door before the week is over afterall.

Update: Hold that thought. Maybe Dillon is waking up to the idea that this might not be so smart after all to keep that couple intact.

No kidding, Dillon.

Update 2: After a lot of back and forth today (and expecting a lot more until voting time), it appears Ika could be safe after all. Karen is putting her foot down that she wants Jackie gone and Dillon may follow her lead. Couple those two with Demetres’s vote and you’ve got all it takes to keep Ika around.