Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 5’: Week 5 Power Of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 the Houseguests are back with the Power of Veto events as this week’s nominees, Dillon and Emily, are trying to get one of them off the Block if they have any hope of keeping their showmance together.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

William took control as the new Head of Household and made his noms, but tonight we’ll see the PoV playout as the noms hope to undo the danger to their game. While the newbies battle it out the Vets are moving in the background to make the best of their advantage.

Vets remain divided as Ika is working her side of the Newbies and the rest of The Six are controlling theirs, but Dillon and Emily may be on to the manipulation. We could have some fun ahead for what they do down the road this season.

Can’t wait until tonight’s BBCAN5 episode? We’ve got your Veto spoilers along with details on who we’re expecting to be evicted by the week’s end. Find out the latest from the Big Brother Feeds and get ready for the next show on Global.

Join us back here tonight at 9PM ET and we’ll chat about the show as it plays out. See you then!

BBCAN5, tonight on Global at 9/8c. Find out how to watch online from the US.


  1. I’ll never get why people come on BB and decide it’s the home of true, star fated love. All I can see with Dillon is Austin all over. He threw away whatever he had going on with his gf back home over this girl who he won’t see again.

  2. Okay – I know this has nothing to do with last nights show / but omg I would NOT of eaten any of those peanut butter balls that Dre made – all she did was constantly lick her fingers and then roll again and lick and roll / seriously that just grossed me out. Okay a rant from a few days back – lol

  3. I was so glad that Kevin was smart enough not to use the veto last night just to appease William – that boy William and his french friend Dre I cannot stand – she will stab william in the back soon enough. But yes glad that Kevin had second thoughts and did not use it. Who do i want to leave – doesn’t really matter but for Kevin sake it better be Dillon as I think he will try and revenge everyone who did not help save them.
    As for the DE tonight – I can hardly wait – now as I read below it has comments that Neda and Bruno listed? How do they know this already? Is it already jury time? If so then yes please either get out Neda or Ika – those would be my choices or better yet William and Dre would be nice to see one of them leave as well.

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