Big Brother Canada 5 Week 5 Voting Plans

The Veto has played out on Big Brother Canada 5 and that means we’ve got our final noms for the week and the target looks set for who will be the next Houseguest to go in the first of two evictions on Thursday.

BBCAN5 Bruno, Dillon, and Emily

The house divide continues with a few Houseguests doing their best to play the middle ground, but that might not last too much longer especially with the bonus of a DE and quick elimination.

After nearly moving ahead on trying to get Kevin to use his Veto, take down Dillon, and renom Bruno we saw Ika, Demetres, Dre, and William back off that plan. Kevin declined to use his Veto and the noms stayed the same. Either Dillon or Emily will be evicted on Thursday.

While Ika and crew were hoping to get Dillon out it looks like they don’t have the numbers. Dillon is likely to stay and Emily will be sent out the door. That could get interesting though because Dillon isn’t too happy with Kevin over his decision not to use the Veto. Whether or not Dillon gets the opportunity to go after Kevin, or maybe even Bruno, is yet to be seen, but that could be something that arises later.

As for Ika, she might find herself in trouble during the DE if The Six decide to use that as an easy exit for their most volatile member. Neda set her sights on Cass early as a danger to her game and she’s now gone. I don’t think Ika is far from having that happen to her too.

Speaking of Neda, we’re getting close to the start of Jury so she better get ready to set her defenses and watch out for trouble. Think anyone would go for her at the first chance?

The next eviction is still two days away so we’ve got time for a shift here, but Emily does appear to be the current front runner for eviction. What do you think of that choice between the noms?