Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Double Eviction Starts With Jared Vs Nikki

It’s Double Eviction day for Big Brother Canada as Wildcard Nikki and “Luscious Locks” Jared are on the Block awaiting the vote but no one is confidently expecting what will follow.

Jared and Kelsey look worried about his chances
Jared and Kelsey look worried about his chances – Source: Global

By the end of the night we’ll be down two Houseguests and the pressure will be intense for the HoH competition especially after Joel betrays the expectations of the brothers and Jelsey to keep Jared around.

Initially Joel was leading those four on but yesterday he started easing in the idea that he was still considering the vote. At last check Joel had decided he would let Jared know in advance which means the tie-breaker situation won’t be a shocker. Hmm, maybe now Jared will question his decision to aggressively go after Cassandra. Sheesh.

I broke down the DE scenarios the other day and I think they still stand. Tim, Joel, or Nikki would put up Kelsey and the brothers while those two would put up some combo of Tim, Joel, and Cassandra. Though after the brothers vocal opposition to foreigners in the game you’d almost think they’d be forced to nom Tim and Nikki, but I don’t see that combo happening. If Cassandra can escape this round without the target on her back then kudos to her!

Which way do you think tonight will go? Will Jared be out first and who could follow him next?

Tonight’s BBCAN4 episode kicks off at 8/7c for a one hour episode and let’s hope we get a new HoH by the end of the show. If not, then we’ll get the spoilers for you from the Live Feeds soon after. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get all that news.