Big Brother Canada 4: Eviction Prediction In Week 9

We’ve got two evictions ahead tonight on Big Brother Canada 4 and while we can consider various scenarios for the DE the first round of votes is a lot more clear and certain at this point thanks to Houseguests’ talks on the Live Feeds.

Kelsey prepares for Plan B on BBCAN4
Kelsey prepares for plan B on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

Nikki is up on the Block against Jared after he was unwilling to cut his hair to win the Power of Veto. So how much are those locks going to cost him? A whole lot of Oxi Clean.

There are just four votes tonight. Wow. It’s always surprising how fast the seasons start winding down and we’re at that point for BBCAN4. Only four votes in the first eviction and three in the next. Small shifts can have big results.

Jared thought he’d have Joel on his side of the four votes and that may have lead him to be a little confrontational with Cassandra, but Joel has been solidly with his Freakshow alliance for sometime. He won’t be flipping to keep such a strong player around.

Joel and Tim will vote out Jared. Kelsey and the brothers will vote out Nikki. That brings up Cassandra to knock it out of the park with an eviction tie breaker against Jared.

Once Jared is out then Kelsey and the brothers will be cornered, but they’re strong players and it is going to be Nick’s turn at the wheel. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them regain control and turn their sites on Tim and Cassandra for round two of the DE. If one of those two don’t have the power then they’ll both be on the Block by the end of the night.

What do you expect to happen tonight on Big Brother Canada?