Big Brother Canada 4: Threekshow Alliance Holding Strong

We’re just another day away from the next Big Brother Canada eviction and the Freakshow alliance of Cassandra, Joel, and Tim have the chance to control the vote if they can hold it together. So how are things looking?

Cassandra, Tim, and Joel don't know what's coming next
Cassandra, Tim, and Joel plot their next move – Source: Global

After Sunday night’s scare of Joel flipping on his allies the worries have been calmed and the Freakshow train is back on track with Joel in fact becoming an even stronger defender of their plan.

Their option is obviously to either vote out competition crusher Nikki or that other guy, Jared. Wait, that’s not right. No, it wouldn’t be and Joel knows it. Before his crisis of faith on Monday morning Joel had pointed out this would be a crazy opportunity to give up and he’s returned to that position again, but don’t tell the other side just yet.

Yesterday Joel spent some time talking with Kelsey and encouraging her that they were good, but after she left he whispered that it was going to break her heart. He’s definitely planning to vote out Jared and join with Tim to give Cassandra the tie-breaker. This should be a good show on Thursday.

With Cassandra as the outgoing HoH she won’t be able to compete so that leaves Joel and Tim as candidates to win. Both already have one HoH each under their belt so they have shown their capable of the win, now they just need to do it again.

On the other side of the house the brothers and Kelsey will be fired up over Joel’s betrayal and with a Double Eviction in the mix there could be some hyped emotions leading to an upset against Freakshow. Can’t wait to see how it all works out.

What do you think of the Freakshow team? Are they going to keep it together to the end or is someone going to peel off and do their own thing a step ahead?


  1. The BBC winner will get $100,000 I just looked up the conversion for Australia and it would be $104,568 Nice eh?

      • LMAO have you been drinking! Did I miss something on the feeds? Did something big go down that I missed and now you want Tim to win?? Haha insert sarcasm LOL

        • Still can’t stand hum but her deserves to win. Not one of those stupid Canadian houseguests deserves to win, they should have gotten rid of him and his annoying sidekick at the beginning. Now with his previous winnings on BB Australia and BBC’s winnings he can buy himself a nice house and move out of mommy & daddy’s. BBC should be embarased

        • He deserves to win not one of the stupid Canadian houseguests deserves it, other than the brothers who feel the same as I do.

          • Weird, I didn’t get any of these messages until now. Well better late than never I guess LOL…. So I guess you’re watching it again Mary? The way I see it is the brothers didn’t really play for the better part of the game but they didn’t have to! There was no reason for them to try and win anything or to get blood on their hands. And when it came down to them needing to win things they are winning everything! So I don’t think they’re as bad as I initially did.

          • Ever hear “Mary Mary quite contrary”? hahaha. I am watching it but I only started watching it after my favorite program was off for the year and there just isn’t anything else on.

          • Lol 🙂 I think in the end I am glad Tim did not win and I think he’s a good person. Him wanting to see someone else experience the feeling of winning plus get the money spoke volumes to me anyways about his character. I think he’s a good person. Did your mind change at all about him after that? LOL maybe just a little?

          • As I said in an earlier post, he was blowing smoke out his a** when he said that. He totally DID want to win and no, I haven’t changed my my thoughts about him at all.

          • Are you going to watch BB18? I also saw a commercial for The Amazing Race Canada but I didn’t see a date but it’s usually around the same time.

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