Tonight On Big Brother Canada 3: Power of Veto – Week 9

We are closing in on the Big Brother Canada finale for Season 3 with tonight’s Power of Veto episode featuring the latest Veto comp and Ceremony that will leave us with the final nominations of the week on BBCAN3.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

We saw Sarah take control as HoH and make an obvious, but important move of getting Zach and Ashleigh on the block to prevent one from saving the other at the Veto. With just six players left in the season there’s no chance for a backdoor as everyone will be playing in this week’s PoV comp.

Zach needs to win that Veto if he has a hope for surviving the week but the odds are against him and everyone has to be playing for themselves this close to the finale. Win the Veto, keep your head down, and get ready to play for the next HoH comp.

Can’t wait to for the Veto spoilers? Jump over to our BBCAN3 spoilers board and find out what’s been going on with the Live Feeds this weekend.

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Join us back here tonight at 8/7c when we’ll be watching the Power of Veto episode featuring the latest Veto comp and ceremony ahead of the next Big Brother Canada 3 eviction. You can catch the show on Global from Canada or through a free, live stream at 8PM ET.


  1. Close-captioning of this program/programme is brought to you by Frankie’s glitter laced with OxiClean and cyanide.

  2. Every season the producers select one contestant plus one or two backups, that have absolutely no comprehension or skills about how to play this game.

    Season 1 gave us Talla, remember Talla. (Topaz was a bonus idiot for the finale vote.)

    Season 2 we had Anick. She unfortunately never got the chance to show her real potential. Imagine a house guest so irritating she was voted out (feathers and all) on day 3. Her backup was Ika the shredder.

    This year we have Pilir. She is totally clueless. Thank God Kevin will be able to tell her how to vote once she gets to the jury house.
    Her backups ended up leaving before her. It must have been a ‘Twistos twist’… Johnny (I have a broken coat hanger) and Graig (The Ginja Ninja.)

    And so it goes…

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