Tonight On Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction & HoH – Week 6

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 3 the next eviction vote will reveal whether Sindy or Brittnee will be evicted with an E and another HG takes Head of Household.

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

The upcoming vote is a foregone conclusion at this point and while anything is possible it’s just not coming together for Sindy this time around. The house is already busily planning how to use their chicks well before they’ve hatched as everyone seems to have a nomination plan for their best hope scenarios.

Of course we’re still wondering what happened to that fabled Triple Nomination & Double Eviction that both Global and The Brick hyped before pulling the references. Could they be saving that for a later week or did the schedule get stretched out? Who knows! Now go buy some OxiClean to clean out your drawers thanks to what happened when you ate all that KFC $5 food. I mean really, what did you think was going to happen when you ordered three of those?? Sheesh.

Join us back here tonight at 9/8c when we’ll be live recapping tonight’s BBCAN3 eviction and HoH competition. You can catch the show on Global from Canada or through a free, live stream at 9PM ET.

Eviction Prediction – Vote for this week’s evicted HG:


  1. So ready to see Pili to leave that HOH room after her disappointing reign.

    On a sidenote: While I would criticize anyone over their gameplay and might go as far as calling someone an “idiot” and probably give her nicknames in the context of the game like how I described BBCAN3’s Zach and BB16’s Cody as having “no balls”, I don’t think I’ll go to the same lengths as some fans have done in showing their displeasure by attacking Pilar on a extremely personal level by way of making derogatory comments and flaming her family in the process. I’m no saint myself but I know when to not cross the line and if I had, I’ll be the bigger person and apologize.

    Those type of comments directed towards a housemate and her personal life just ruins everyone’s enjoyment of watching Big Brother.

    • There are a lot of fans who have trouble separating the Houseguest vs Real-World people, but I wouldn’t consider you to suffer from that issue.

      I too am often critical about players and how they play the game, but like you said, these comments are about how they’re performing in a game. Especially when you consider how many of them put on a fake persona to play this game.

      I’m sure lots of these HGs are great people outside those four walls, but if they make a boneheaded move in there then that’s open season on tossing tomatoes! And yeah, there’s no need or reason to attack family or their personal lives outside of the game.

      • The closest of an insult I hurled towards Pilar at least for her gameplay is calling her “Pili nut”, which is actually a real edible thing.

    • Absolutely agree with u….though I don’t agree with Pili’s HOH decisions…I don’t think people should comment cruely about her personal life and how she is as a person….before she became HOH no one had a problem with her and now that she is people slams her on her descisions….yes its not the best decision I don’t think speaking bad of her will change her decision.

  2. God, I just can’t stay away from twitter, I’m addicted. But now I don’t even need to watch the show tonight.

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