Tonight On Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction & HoH – Week 2

Big Brother Canada is back tonight on Global (and streamed live for the rest of us) when the Houseguests head in to the Diary Room for the first official eviction of the BBCAN3 season. Who will go home tonight?

Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox at the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

We’re ramping up for this week’s live, not live, eviction show with the return of host Arisa Cox who will guide the Houseguests through the eviction that’s set to send one of their numbers out to the stool of despair. But wait, remember this isn’t the end of the line for the evicted Houseguest. An early twist is sending the first five evictees to sequester where they’ll await a chance at getting back in to the game.

So who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? It’s down to either Brittnee or CindyWithAnS and the opinion is overwhelming that Sindy will be evicted. The house hasn’t held back their plans and a fight last night between Godfrey and Sindy made those intentions clear. She should be the one sent out the door unless something crazy happens today.

Still no word on the whole broken camera drama though at this point it really does seem to be a prank by production. This could even involve a Houseguest as they are wont to do with causing mayhem and paranoia among the Big Brother Canada 3 cast. But come on, the camera doesn’t belong to a HG so they would have fessed up and admitted it by now, right?

Join us back here tonight at 9/8c when we’ll be live recapping tonight’s BBCAN3 eviction and HoH competition. You can catch the show on Global from Canada or through a free, live stream at 8PM ET/PT on


  1. I wish it was April Fool’s Day and turns out it’s a fake eviction.

    It was nice to see how Sindy became a target on Monday’s episode. It certainly gave us a clear explanation on how the target switched from Kevin/Johnny to Sindy.

    And yey for BBCAN utilizing an old Dutch BB classic, the Least-Most task. 😀

      • yes I agree / I am tired of seeing her beak off about how great she is and yes she just could be back but that all depends on the next 3 that get voted out / hopefully someone will beat her and she won’t make it back in.

        • If none of the women are strong in endurance, she may have a chance. if it’s mental, Sindy will have competition coming from Willow and Sarah.

          But if it’s gonna be a luck-based competition, then it’s all for nothing.

          • Yes that is true. It all depends on who goes in the next 3 evictions – the tables turn quickly in the house. Right now it is boys against the girls due to Sindys mouth and planning being overheard – which I thought was just priceless when Kevin walked out of the washroom – that was priceless. But who knows by next week there could be something that happens that makes those tables turn.

          • Yep. Johnny and Naeha actually figured out the pre-jury twist unknowingly a couple of days ago when they were throwing out possible scenarios for the season.

  2. The showmance that might not be: Jordan and Sindy.

    Make the most of the sexy times because it won’t last long, JP.

  3. I do have to say I like our BB Canada / but there are a few things that do bother me with our version. I don’t like Canada being able to vote and evict someone – we are not in the house so we only see what the cameras want us to see – I dont think it is fair to the “evicted” player. Also I don’t like so many twists that happen – I think they should just play the game like the original big brother. So many twists and it becomes a totally different game. Just my opinion.

    • Sometimes, the show can’t be faulted for hosting so many twists, especially ones that were clearly not production’s doing (Topaz choosing the wrong keycard, Jon choosing Sabrina over Neda). But the fact that the show has consistently been twisty for two seasons straight (and this season as well) has made every other aspect of itself become more dynamic than BBUS can ever imagine itself.

      BBUS, despite all the gimmickry, have always let players play, but more often than not, gameplay there is consistently rendered stagnant when a larger group of people controls the house and manage to maintain the pecking order of evictees for a long period of time. It doesn’t make for interesting TV if we’re seeing the same people controlling the house every week with no twist that would have probably prevent the game to become entirely predictable.


  4. It will be interesting to see what if anything Arisa, Peter and the evicted houseguest will say about the broken camera on the Bigbrother Sideshow on Thurs. I also didn’t know Jon and Neda were a couple and living together until I saw the show last week!

    • I’m anxious to hear the whole story about the camera. It was news to me as well about Jon & Neda, I wish them all the best.

    • I kinda knew about Jon and Neda months after he won. Jon tried to get back with his relationship with his pre-existing girlfriend but things didn’t work out between the two of them and they broke it off (although I don’t know who made the first move).

      Clearly Jon’s “friendship” with Neda was a factor and the interview they had last week on the Side Show, it seem to be obvious they’re trying to avoid the part about Jon’s ex’ and how she figured in their love story.

      • Haha, yeah i found the relationship talk awkward because of his ex. I was always anticipating a question about it.

    • Seems to be a part of the game or an April Fool’s joke! Let’s hope the tell us what went on! Jon and Neda being together seemed inevitable, to be honest. They seem great together, for sure.

  5. By the way, some bozo law firm sent a cease and desist letter to Evel Dick which prevented him from no long embedding the Global TV stream on hsi website.


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