Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night? 4/1/2015

We found out on Big Brother Canada 3 last night who was evicted: Sindy or Brittnee as the two Houseguests faced eviction at the hands of their fellow housemates. By the end of the night a new HG was crowned Head of Household.

Sindy and Brittnee face eviction on Big Brother Canada 3
Sindy and Brittnee face eviction on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Along with the eviction and HoH comp maybe we finally found out what was going on with CameraGate (an allegedly deliberately broken camera) and the punishments being handed down to the Big Brother Canada Houseguests. It was a fun show so let’s see what happened next!

While we’re waiting for some results, Big Brother reveals that yes, CameraGate was a prank by production. Of course most of us figured that out when it went on this long and no one admitted fault. This could have been funny if they made it last a few hours rather than days.

Eviction Vote – Week 2:

  • Bruno votes to evict Sindy
  • Pilar votes to evict Sindy
  • Kevin votes to evict Sindy
  • Jordan votes to evict Sindy
  • Sarah votes to evict Sindy
  • Graig votes to evict Sindy
  • Naeha votes to evict Sindy
  • That’s enough. It’s official.
  • Willow votes to evict Sindy
  • Ashleigh votes to evict Sindy
  • Zach votes to evict Sindy
  • Johnny votes to evict Sindy
  • Godfrey votes to evict Sindy

By a vote 12-0, CindyWithAnS is evicted from Big Brother Canada and heads to sequester where she’ll await a chance to re-enter the game in a few weeks.

HoH Competition – “Story Time”:

  • Round 1: Godfrey vs Pilar – Pilar eliminated
  • Round 2: Johnny vs Naeha – Johnny eliminated
  • Round 3: Godfrey vs Graig – Graig eliminated
  • Round 4: Sarah vs Naeha – Sarah eliminated
  • Round 5: Godfrey vs Bruno – Bruno eliminated
  • Round 6: Willow vs Naeha – Willow eliminated
  • Round 7: Godfrey vs Ashleigh – Godfrey eliminated
  • Round 8: Kevin vs Jordan – Jordan eliminated
  • Round 9: Ashleigh vs Naeha – Naeha eliminated
  • Round 10: Kevin vs Zach – Zach eliminated
  • Round 11: Ashleigh vs Brittnee – Brittnee eliminated
  • Round 12: Ashleigh vs Kevin – Ashleigh eliminated

Kevin wins Head of Household!

Arisa Cox tells us this will be an Instant Eviction round which is like a fast forward event. There will be no Veto. Kevin will name two noms and the House will vote on it.

Feeds are set to go down Friday afternoon until after the next show on Sunday so they can protect the secret (better than these non-live live show results, right?).

What do you think of tonight’s BBCAN3 results? Were the right choices made?


  1. I guess here is the place to be. I already know who got evicted, it was leak on twitter. And I know who won HOH.

  2. Can’t wait to see the reactions of the house guests when they find out about the broken camera prank!

  3. Still not used to seeing Canadians use British spellings on certain words (centre, flavour, mum, etc.)

    • flavour is british ? Well you have to remember Canada is a British colony. And the head of state is still the Queen of England.

      • Yep. That I know. However, since they’re basically neighbors/neighbours with the US, some of the more Americanized spellings would have rubbed off on them.

          • It’s probably no wonder the first Big Brother Canada started there first for 7 years. They even have their own version of The Voice.

          • I hear about that french voice show, but that other show was loosely base on BB but I don’t think it was similar at all. From what I heard.

          • The last Quebec season was, according to World of Big Brother, pretty much like present-day BBCAN/BBUS in format with a few tweaks.

          • That original BB Canada was in Quebec, on French television, so not widely known in the rest of Canada.

          • According to some of the comments I read from those who watched it, the network that carried Big Brother Quebec is accessible through a few terrestrial stations in neighboring provinces and carried by cable and satellite systems nationwide so they were fortunate to having seen the first and second iterations of the show before the present-day English-language edition finally came through.

          • Probably true, and if those rest of Canada viewers were bilingual and BB fans, I’m sure they ate it up. It’s pretty interesting, actually, that Quebec did their own version first, but not surprising in many ways. Quebec media is probably far more successful in attracting a home grown audience (meaning Quebec) than a lot of the English language media in Canada, because they don’t compete so directly with American media for audiences. French Quebecers really like to see themselves represented. And I bet that show was a wild party.

          • That’s bullshit. We may hate some of your government policies and state positions but to say we hate Americans is to not get Canada at all.

          • Ok, 1st, I am a Canadian who lived in Montreal, Toronto and a long time in the state. Most Canadian that I have meet in my life, especially in TO hate american. Not just policies.

          • And 2nd? No? Well then I’ll just address your 1st. It seems that you knew a bunch of crappy Canadians. I too have lived in Montreal and Toronto, and several other Canadian cities from east to west as well, and that has definitely not been my experience. I’ve also lived in all those Canadian places for half a century, so I’m not speaking from a lack of experience. Most Canadians I know have no beef with the American people, but seriously dislike certain American policies and things like, um, guns all over the place. But feel free keep telling Americans that we hate them. You’re a great ambassador for us.

          • Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I guess we hanged out in different circle.

  4. I hope we can survive 5 days of feed-fasting this remaining Lenten season, I know some of the more superfans are gonna feel major withdrawals.

  5. I have a spoiler to announce. Someone who was at the Live Show tonight said that since the next eviction is an INSTANT eviction, Kevin (the new HOH) ALREADY NOMINATED two people! They gave the audience a sneak peek at who ONE of the nominees is… Naeha!

      • No problem, Matthew! Did you change the comment system? When I came back it was different and cut the majority of my comment off.

        I did as much verifying as was possible to make sure the information was correct (that Kevin already nominated) and it appears to be true, although there are always doubters and scoffers. I think it was SMART to nominate Naeha and Bobby. That puts a strong player from both sides of the house up, letting the house decide. Right now, the votes would be pretty even.

        Zach and Jordan will regret going after Bobby instead of Naeha though. She’s figured out the alliances in the house, for the most part, and has a lot of influence. Bobby is a physical threat, but he’s able to be manipulated by them. They should get rid of smart and social Naeha before it’s too late.

      • By the way, I’m keeping the Live Feeds on all weekend just in case we get a leak. It’s been known to happen and we already got a small one this week (seeing into the backyard when the comp was being set up).

  6. Farewell Sindy Nguyen: Sizzling Beauty Queen. Hope you manage to bring yourself back into the game in a few weeks. 😀

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