Big Brother Canada 3: HGs Punished Over Mysterious Broken Camera

When the Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguests woke up this morning they were greeted with an unwelcome surprise. Showers were set to a dribble and their food had vanished. It seems someone had upset Big Brother.

BBCAN3's Bruno & Godfrey discuss the broken camera
BBCAN3’s Bruno & Godfrey discuss the broken camera – Source: Global

Houseguests were soon downstairs and inspecting the damage that had caused all these problems. One of the backyard cameras sat limply aimed at the ground (see the above screenshot). Oops.

According to the HGs retell, Big Brother informed them that deliberate action had been taken which resulted in the camera being broken. Of course if Big Brother knew this damage was intentional then it also knows who did it, but that information was not shared.

Godfrey pointed out that the doors are locked and the backyard gate is dropped at night which means it happened yesterday while everyone was still awake and up in the house. No one seems to have noticed it. Could Big Brother be playing a joke on them? BBCAN posted a message around this time:

The BBCAN3 Houseguests discussed their situation and decided to head upstairs to the HoH room where they’d all remain except for one HG at a time. That one HG would leave the room for several minutes as an opportunity to quietly and discretely go in to the Diary Room and take blame for the broken camera. They could also go in to apologize for recent behavior which has upset Big Brother including foul language, brand shout outs, and discussing production.

During their self-imposed HoH lockdown several HGs went in to the Diary Room: Bobby, Bruno, Johnny, JP, Kevin, Pilar, Sarah, Willow, and Zach. Did one of them commit the camera foul? We don’t know yet and neither do the Houseguests, but they’re stuck on slop and no water in the meantime.

What do you think is going on? Did someone break the camera without being seen by the other HGs or is Big Brother playing a prank on the house?

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