First Look: Big Brother Canada 2 House – Update

Big Brother Canada 2 start date announced

There’s not much to see yet, but here is your first look at the Big Brother Canada 2 house. I shared the news that BBCAN2 was moving to a new location way back in October and just now we’re getting a “the rumor was true” comment from the official sources. Good thing I don’t share “rumors” then. Nothing but the best and true for our readers here!

So BBCAN released this image of the new staircase on Friday and there’s really not much else in the view. We can tell things are still under construction, at least at the time this pic was taken. With a March 5, 2014 start date for Big Brother Canada they have been get rolling fast!

Update: We’ve got another look inside the BBCAN2 house thanks to their official Twitter account.

Update 2: Here’s the new pool and ceiling being built. Wait? Still being built? Hurry up, guys! BBCAN2 starts on March 5, 2014!

click image to see full-size

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Source: BBCAN on Instagram