Big Brother Canada Season 2 Gets A New House

The Big Brother Canada sophmore season is ramping up now that casting is closed and when it premieres those lucky houseguests will be entering a brand new home.

Big Brother Canada 2014 house

Earlier this month a member of the Big Brother Canada production team put out this picture from a meeting. The image was intended to highlight the the prep work for the new season, but there in the background is the design of a new Big Brother house.

Further investigative snooping on our part turned up a confirmation that yes, BBCAN would be moving to a new location for 2014. The change was not intended or planned, but rather the result of some unexpected events.

The original Big Brother Canada house was incredible and very impressive with its slick design and technological features like a lighting system in the “backyard” designed to mimic the sun’s shift across the sky.

While we’re disappointed to hear of their troubles we expect BBCAN to fully exploit the opportunity to create an even bigger and better home for the new batch of HGs.

If you were redesigning the BBCAN 2014 house, then what features would you change or retain from the original? I know I’d go for more than one large, open central bedroom. What about you? Share your thoughts below!