Big Brother Canada 2: ‘Freak Out’ – It’s Back In March 2014

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada 2 is almost here! The new season of BBCAN arrives in March 2014 and we can’t wait! BBCAN2’s start date will be just a little behind last season’s February debut, but that’s not too bad. I imagine with them building a whole new house yet again they’ll be able to use all the prep time they can get.

Slice has released a brand new promo for the 2014 season called “Freak Out” and of course it features some of the best HG outbursts from last year’s crew. Speaking of, that’s one heck of a high bar they set so it’s going to be tough to top them, but honestly, after BBUS’s season this year I think just about anything will feel like a step up.

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Big Brother Canada 2 – Freak Out – Promo: