Big Brother Canada 2 Cast & House Pics Coming Soon

Host Arisa Cox announced earlier today on Twitter the Big Brother Canada 2 cast and house pics were on their way to us soon!

Update: The new BBCAN2 house pics have been released! See them all here.

BBCAN2 host Arisa Cox
BBCAN2 host Arisa Cox – Source: Twitter

Arisa excited BBCAN fans with her tease of upcoming info: “Rise and shine on a big week! Lots of news coming in the next few days, promise!” Later she called on followers to Tweet using the hash tag “#BBCAN2” and they’d be rewarded with pics from inside the house.

So far we’ve seen four pictures of the new Big Brother Canada house but are still anxiously awaiting the official set of pictures featuring the finished product. In case you missed the news, we reported way back in October that BBCAN2 has a new house after they had to move out of the original location.

No BBCAN spoilers yet for the cast though we’ve seen lots of potential details including the number of HGs and even some fakeout pics in the production office featuring team members as HGs. They’re doing a great job of keeping us on our toes this preseason!

We’ll keep you posted on the latest Big Brother Canada 2014 news and updates so join us on Facebook for all the details as we get ready for the March 5, 2014 premiere!