Big Brother Canada: Week 7 Nomination Anticipation

Jillian on Big Brother Canada

We’re getting ready for another round of nominations on Big Brother Canada and this looks like it could be a big one. Read on to find out what’s been going on with the Feeds and see who is set to hit the chopping block.

This week’s new Head of Household is Jillian after she allegedly beat out Topaz during last night’s endurance competition. Since the Feeds returned overnight we’ve been hearing her discuss a plan to nominate The Shield. That’s right, Peter and Alec could be in some real trouble this week.

Earlier today Alec pressed hard on Jillian to avoid nominating either him or Alec saying one would Veto the other if it came to that. Apparently he hasn’t considered the option of both of them being on the block together. Alec promised a final four deal for her, Emmett, Peter, and him. He pressed for an Andrew nomination instead, something Jillian has no plan to do for fear of losing his trust even if he went up as a pawn.

Later tonight we should have confirmation on this week’s Big Brother Canada nominations and we’ll post those spoilers as they become available. In the meantime, prepare for a possible goodbye to The Shield.


  1. If I was Jillian I would nominate Alec and Peter because either way one of them will be going home.

  2. I used to like Peter but honestly he hasn’t won anything so I think he should be the next to be evicted either him or Alec.

  3. The Shield was always a joke with no game play. Now that the heat is on its finally becoming apparent.
    Peter acts like he has been a controlling force, the reality is he has no moves, can’t win shit, and has zero influence on the house.
    Alec is just a super douche and gets creepier by the day. Kissing Topaz all day and trashing her behind her back every second he gets will only come back to bite him, and is also bad gameplay.
    There is no doubt that these two morons will be going up on the block.
    I can only hope that Alec loses the POV and that Topaz finally gets a clue, stops embarrassing herself, and realizes that she has been getting played the entire time.

    • he thinks he is a massive manipulator… honey, you aint doing shit. you convince people that being with the shield is a good idea when they are desperate – i.e talla. omg this guy is fucking stupid. he hasn’t done shit, i want someone to call this ugly piece of shit out. what a fucking nasty ass loser. and what is her face… liza would never really get near this creature. she played men with a fiddle for her own gain. I HATE THIS UGLY PIECE OF SHIT peter.

      • Wtf is wrong with you. You never met the guy and your acting like he raped your little sister. You got big issues… Go see a shrink

    • My thoughts exactly. I will jump for joy if these two wannabes get bounced out the door. It is really horrible to watch Alec whoring himself out to make Topaz think he still cares about her. I find it so ironic that this is the same person who cried because his you know what was exposed on the live feeds yet feels totally comfortable coming off as a cold hearted snake in an attempt to win a game!

  4. talla and topaz…you go girls..could it turn in to a showmance…hmm…get rid of peter he has no game

  5. Alec and Peter is Jillians only move. You can’t put up Lala you’ll lose her as part of the Beast coast plus 1. Andrew and Emmit arn’t options. She cut a deal with Topaz to not nominate her. The choice is clear. The timing is what it is. A/P have had so many deals cut this season no one can know which is real

  6. talla and topaz…you go on the block girls..could it turn in to a crymance …hmm…get rid of at least one of them, they have no game

  7. Congratulations Alec. You went from being someone I was rooting for to the houseguest I can’t stand the most.You’re such a jerk and your buddy peter does NOTHING yet acts like he’s the king of the house. daheck? Since this is a double eviction week, I hope they send you both packing! GOODBYE

  8. i hope The ECA(East Coast Alliance) destroy The Shield, they are well on their way, they control the vote, so say Alec Veto’s himself, She puts up Topaz(deal is for nom, not renom) and Emmett, Andrew, Talla vote out Peter, even if Talla flips or gets put up instead of Topaz, vote is a tie and Jillian sends Peter packing. same goes if Peter or Topaz win Veto. it’s all a Win for The ECA. no matter what, The Shield dies this week

    • Nope, i acually think that if Alec would of not betrayed Topaz id say Peter and Alec could win it. Peter is really smart in this game and Alec can win challenges. But yet, Jillian and Emmet just wait that the house selfs destruct. They win challenges if they need to. So thats why now i think final 2 is Jillian or Emmet with Talla( shes a flooter).
      And maybe Jillian will win it unless if theirs more twists

      • Lmao at u. If Peter was smart in this game, he wouldnt have voted out AJ over Andrew. He is getting out all the weaklings and leaving people in the game that he cannot beat. How is he very smart??? He is absolutely useless in the house. His only friend and ally is Peter. Nobody else cares about him. He can’t win jack to save his life.

        • It’s actually smart to leave strong threats in the game because their always be a target. Chilltown did that with Janelle in All Stars. Shield actually played pretty good however there biggest mistake was evicting AJ over Andrew. Because TE shield would still have topaz and Gary but they really shoot themselves in the back now because they have zero side alliances now.

  9. Ok on Afterdark Jill is wearing a “fat pregnant suit”, Andrew is wearing a maids costume, and Alec is taking a tomatoe bath!! What I’d miss?? Just a thought – Is it possble the girls could turn on the boys? Now that’d be interesting. Lol.

    • That “tomato bath” is actually a good old fashion Chum bath. ie fish guts in water. 🙂 As for the whole thing it’s part of a havenot challenge. The guest had to perform challenges so they would not end up on slop….. no havents this week
      We need ZINGBOT!!!

      • oh, thanks for the info Stan. no-one really wants slop anyway although I did google it to find out exactly what it could be and it doesn’t sound that bad. Zing! Lol. Definately need a Zingbot!

        • At the beginning I was rooting for Alec but now he just seems mean and also trying to appear like he’s above Topaz and their ‘relationship’. Ugh! love emmet and Jill they seem like really good people! <3

  10. Today Alec and peter have a reality wall come crashing on top of them!!! X this Biatches!!!! Go East Coast Go!!!

  11. oh please you people are talking like Jillian is actually the HOH she doesn’t make a move without Emmett telling her what to do.
    Emmett is the HOH once again.
    As for Alec “mistreating” Topaz, she’s done the exact same thing with him telling Gary what a terrible person he is she got mad at him for voting out AJ instead of Andrew and leaving her to twist but then goes right back to kissing and cuddling with him.
    If I’m not mistaken Emmett, Jillian, Peter, Alec and Topaz were all in an alliance together and they all voted AJ out not Andrew none of them had her back, so please lets not make this out to be that
    Alec is the only one that screwed her over.

  12. i think jill will nominate peter and alec with alec going home, then emmett will win hoh and nomimate topaz and peter with topaz going bye bye…

  13. im hearing that Jillian DID nominate peter and alec but peter won POV and Jillianjill might put up topaz sadly

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