Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Big Brother Canada

The latest round of nominations for Big Brother Canada are in. The ceremony has been held and two more HGs are on the block.

In case you missed who became the latest Head of Household you can catch those spoilers here. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s move on to the next round of spoilers.

We’re coming at these details in reverse order as the Feeds have been off for a very long time this weekend. We had expected nominations on Friday night, but instead the Feeds were off for most of Saturday before returning with Veto results. Based on those results we’re reverse-engineering the original nominations.

Read on to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

Big Brother Canada Week 7 Nominations:

  • Alec
  • Peter

Heading in to nominations we were expecting an Alec & Peter nomination pairing and based on the Veto competition results we know for sure Peter was nominated and are 95% sure Alec was as well. Once the Feeds have been up longer we’ll get that confirmed. Update: Yep, these nominations are confirmed.

Do you think Jillian made the right nominations? This is one of those “big moves” you hear about but rarely see. At least she didn’t nominate Talla and Topaz.