Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Big Brother Canada

The latest round of nominations for Big Brother Canada are in. The ceremony has been held and two more HGs are on the block.

In case you missed who became the latest Head of Household you can catch those spoilers here. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s move on to the next round of spoilers.

We’re coming at these details in reverse order as the Feeds have been off for a very long time this weekend. We had expected nominations on Friday night, but instead the Feeds were off for most of Saturday before returning with Veto results. Based on those results we’re reverse-engineering the original nominations.

Read on to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

Big Brother Canada Week 7 Nominations:

  • Alec
  • Peter

Heading in to nominations we were expecting an Alec & Peter nomination pairing and based on the Veto competition results we know for sure Peter was nominated and are 95% sure Alec was as well. Once the Feeds have been up longer we’ll get that confirmed. Update: Yep, these nominations are confirmed.

Do you think Jillian made the right nominations? This is one of those “big moves” you hear about but rarely see. At least she didn’t nominate Talla and Topaz.


  1. I think she made a very good move because if she hadn’t put Peter and Alec up they truly smoulder be running the house. Now with that being said I hope ( I kno w the results of Veto but don’t want to spoil it) Veto is won by peter or Alec and they convince the others to keep them both then they deserve to sit together in the finale because they won on their wit and not because of the other house guests stupidity.

  2. I personally think she shulda put someone up as a pon because Alec is gunna win POV and take himself off the block i think bk dooring him would have been a better move…thats just my opion though …but koodos to Jillian for making a bold move …Gary Glitter would be soo proud! lol

    • But this way at least for sure one of them is going if you did the backdoor way there is only like 7 people left so only one person sits out which means he would probably be playing anyways so why risk that. And if you did it that way and Alec won then he could use it to save Peter and their both safe.

  3. Jillian is a Ho and neither her emmett or andrew will be in the final 3!!! Their east coast really was there ever even a chance lmao!!!

  4. Haha that was an AWFUL move, did somebody forget to tell her that these people are the ones who vote for the winner? Typical BB girl listening to the guy who will dump her as soon as the show is over. She will end up all humiliated after, shocker!

  5. Jillian is a B****. She is a liar and completely lied to. Topaz.. I so hope Alec. Has a speciak Pov then wins hoh and puts up Jemmitcuz they won’t take anyone but each other. Emmit can’t do anything but manipulate, he cheats at everything so whst does thst tell you about him Go Shield!

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