Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 7 HoH Endurance Results

Big Brother Canada episode 17

Can’t wait until Sunday to find out who won HoH on Big Brother Canada? After Thursday’s eviction show the remaining HGs faced off in an endurance competition to decide who would become the next Head of Household. We’ve got your spoilers below if you want to find out who wins.

The new Head of Household for Week 7 is Jillian.

Jillian and Emmett have been enjoying their return to power and are relaxing up in the HoH room trying to decide who should be nominated. Emmett is pushing for Alec and Peter. Now that’d be an exciting week to watch especially since they don’t know it’s another Double Eviction round.

Who do you think Jillian should nominate for eviction from the Big Brother Canada house?


  1. I love Alex and Peter (Peter more so than Alec) but it would be a nice shake up to see them on the block! I’m still cheering for Talla to win something if not the whole game. I love her.

  2. So big brother afterdark was only an hour “due to tehnical difficulties” but the live feeds are up and working. Are they really “Live” as it’s after 3 am there and everyone is in various places still chatting. Just seems kinda weird and late. When do they sleep? Lol. Anyways I hope Jill puts up Topaz and Alec, I don’t like either one of them and miss Gary already!

  3. It would be pretty entertaining to see alec and peter go up. cuz they wouldnt see it coming. she would be wasting her hoh if she does otherwise.

  4. If her target is topaz, then she’s wasting here hoh, plus she made a deal with topaz. Topaz is at the bottom and looking for any deal. If she pledges to vote with whoe ever Jillian wants I can see Jillian picking her over talla, who is wishy

  5. Topaz needs to go. I am rooting for Alec and Peter for final two! So disappointed that Jillian won, was hoping to see Emmett get the boot this week.

  6. These double evictions are coming fast and furious. I guess they want to get this show over with as quickly as possible.

  7. Surely she will put up Alec and Peter, won’t she?!! The only alternative is to put Andrew into one of the seats. Either way, she has to get one of those three out (she doesn’t know it will be double eviction)! If one of her two gets the POV she will replace with the third. Danger is if she nominates two of them then the third member of that group wins POV and pulls one off, she could only replace with T or T and would then not have the votes to get off her primary target!

    • Andrew is with Jill and Emmet! No way Andrew is going up and Andrew made it clear that he stoking with east coast. She has to put up Alec and Peter its the smartest thing to do.

  8. Topaz & Jillian made a deal Jillian says is shes HOH she wont put alec up but if Topaz was HOH she wont put up Emmett.

    • how could that be possible? If Alec and Peter aren’t up because of that deal then that means as would put up Peter and Topaz. She not putting up Andrew east coast alliance. And she not putting up Talla because they need her on their side and pretty clear from last episode that Andrew and Talla are a pair alliance and want final four with Emmet and Jillian. So I don’t see Topaz making a deal to save Alec after he betrayed her and having herself put up.

    • Ya but look at how Alec, turned on Topaz….and how Gary broke his deal with Tom.,,nobody cared…,,any they could always tell her about his comments about her.

  9. I don’t care who goes as long as I don’t have to watch Peter do the stupid “Shield” and “peace sign/2” hand thingy every time he’s in the diary room yelling at the camera. *shudder*

  10. Jillian will put up Alec and Peter no doubt about it. She’s a smart girl. So what if she made a deal with Topaz she can always break it. Topaz would too if given the chance. Alec will stab anyone in the back to get to the top including Topaz. He has no feelimgs for her and never did. He is using her and she’s just too stupied to realize it. Go Jillian. It would be nice to see Alec and Peter and or Topaz go on double eviction night. Topaz slept her way through most of the game anyway.

    • If you think for one second that, my sister/Topaz is stupid for keeping low and being clever by sleeping; whereas, Peter who is up and about and ready to yell into the camra and can’t win jack!? Then your a fool!! She knows this is a game… that’s the hole point of the game, its to get people on your side, she proved it by not putting Talla up cuz she knew the house would have kicked her right out the front door. In addition, she stuck-up for Alex at the time which showed the house she is loyal; furthermore, she has Alex right where she wants him, he knows he dropped the ball by not going with Topaz plan.. That is why Topaz will be safe to play again. The house likes her, the votes said it all..

        • Why!? Is the bigger picture!? The house thinks that Topaz is not a big game player which is a great thing for her game because lets say for the girls team in terms of wins. Topaz is right there next to Jillian which would make Jillian a bigger target and thus giving her a better chance of winning the game and/or down the road BBC. That said, if the house is smart!? They would put up Alex and Peter for the simple reason, that the house feels they are a bigger target in this part of the game, which brings this to my original point. That Topaz is playing a great game regardless, that BBC threw her under the bus, but I get it… they want more people talking about the show and its working!! Lol.

          • Grrr! i was so mad when they showed the entire house the HoH feed when she was deciding who to put up! the fact that she stayed after that?? amazing! her chances of winning are looking slim with the new east coast alliance tho! big ups for the last remaining torontonian!!

      • Even though I don’t really want to call her stupid because it’s a harsh word, Topaz made one of the biggest blunders in BB history by blabbing for 5 solid minutes out loud on every thought and strategy she was thinking about in this game. I also don’t believe the votes had anything to do with her popularity but more to do with strategy, Gary was a stronger player and Topaz has such a huge target on her now that Gary was the obvious choice for this week. I do get your her brother so your opinion is obviously biased but the fact remains the odds are really stacked against the girl. I would like to end this on a high note for Topaz, she might not be the brightest player in the house but she certainly is one of the hottest, girl has a good body but those dame eyes are beautiful. I’d tap that lol.

        • I get that we all have our opinions and that is fine.. whats not fine is for you to reply back to me with a crazy statement that you would like to “tap that” for a high note knowing thats my sister!? Lol.. I dont need your platitude! The fact still remains that BBC wants more viewers and they needed to shake things up! Its a shame that it was at a cost for her game, even people who are not her fan were not at all pleased in the way BBC did that to her.. so yeah!? In some ways one could say that BBC was bias with her!? In any event, It wouldn’t make good television for anyone to sit there for 5mins and not to talk it out to the host and being honest with her; but more importantly, to her fans! Furthermore, being her real big brother I will always have her back… that’s my word! Again, this brings back to my original point that the players with the most wins are more likely to be targeted and Topaz has enough to keep playing under the radar…

          • Even though true, I was just having a lil jab at ya with the tapping comment lol don’t take it too harshly. The eavesdropping bit was obviously to hopefully stir up drama and ratings but Topaz played right into their hand. As for talking it out with the host, it’s one thing if they ask for your thoughts on something but she gave her 5 minutes to ponder her choices and never conversed with her further and Topaz just laid all of her cards on the table, not leaving a thing out lol. I don’t blame her too much, anyone could have done it, not expecting the entire house to be eavesdropping, I’m just saying BBC really hung her out to dry and made her look soooo bad. Though possible, although unlikely if she can some how win crucial comps, fly under the radar (even though that’s unlikely with the size of the target on her back), use some social engineering to further her game, it would be one helluva feat for her to take the game home but I wouldn’t quite hold my breath.

            P.S- Can I get them digits so I can hit her up when she ends up packing her bags =p (lol count to 10, another jab)

  11. I think she should put up Topaz and Alec (spin it to Alec — we needed you on the block to make sure you don’t take Topaz off — blah blah blah. But then vote out Alec!)

  12. My hubby dislikes Peters yelling, I don’t mind….yet Talla is sweetly annoying. I can’t stand the way Alex is using Topaz. I get the game and how it’d be hard to break up with her, and loose her for game sake. But he could keep diary rm about how he dislikes her, and wait to tell her the truth first. I get producers ask questions, and he’s stuck with her etc. But it still bugs me and for that reason, I would like to see Alec out of the house.

  13. Get rid of Topaz and Andrew!!! Next up should be Talla… Then that puts Emmett and Jillian against Peter and Alec!!!

  14. Topaz did make a deal not to put up her, Alec and Peter. It’s up to Jillian to honor that or not. I think Alec is a user and we can see right through him. If Jillian’s smart she put up the two most annoying people and that would be Alec and Peter. I would be happy to see both of them out of the house!

  15. I would say Alec and Andrew… That would be interesting, seeing as Emmit and Jillian are in an alliance with Andrew- they will convince him to be the “pawn”-

  16. ok live feeds are up.. Everyone is still in bed sleeping.. I see Jillian an Emmitt sleeping downstairs?? Wtf Hoh Was up for grabs agin due to??? Jillian had Hoh in the pocket i am confused?!

  17. I would love to see Talla go home because she is soooo annoying!!! I’m embarrassed that she is from Edmonton. Her family must be horrified watching her constantly screaming and running around drunk like she is. OMG!!!! Grow up!!

  18. Yes Topaz should say I’ll vote whoever you want and then do whatever she wants. Jillian has no power at that point not that she

    did anyway hello Emmett, and Jillian certainly didn’t honour her word so why should Topaz. I really really hope Topaz wins HOH this week and puts up Jillian and Emmett. You don’t promise somebody something in the heat of battle and when you’re in pain and then not stick to it. Sleazy move Jillian! And it wasn’t like Topaz offered the deal Jillian did that’s not gameplay that’s sleaze. I did like Jillian but she’s so controlled by Emmett that she has no game at all. Emmett was willing to throw Jillian under the bus when he was going to tell Alec and Peter that he told her not to put them up but she did anyway. What the hell is that??

    I can’t believe that all these people can’t see that if Emmett gets to the end with anyone he will win. He won challenges, albeit cheated in some, totally controlled Jillian and to some extent Andrew and Tom, has a good social game and is willing to throw anyone at all under the bus at any time and keep his hands clean.

  19. I wish that Emmett would show all of his tattoos and explain the stories behind them…as we’ve seen them all. Some are simple to see and others we’re guessing.

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