Big Brother Canada: Week 6.5 Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada is back tonight with another eviction show where either Gary or Topaz will be evicted from the house and sent on to join AJ in the Jury House.

We’ve made our predictions that we’ll see Gary sent out in an overwhelming vote, but now it’s time to find out what will really happen as we live blog the show.

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Jillian votes to evict Gary
  • Alec votes to evict Gary
  • Emmett votes to evict Gary
  • That’s enough votes. Gary is evicted.
  • Peter votes to evict Gary
  • Talla votes to evict Gary

By a vote of 5-0, Gary has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Now it’s time to find out who will become the next HoH and hold the power to name two HGs for the next eviction.

Who Won HoH On Big Brother Canada Tonight:

Endurance competition! Tonight’s comp is called “Iceberg Alley” and pits the HGs against one another in a battle to see who can hold on the longest.

Basically, like many BBUS endurance comps we’ve seen before, they’re lined up with their back against the wall as the wall tilts forward. Last HG standing wins the competition and becomes the new HoH!

We’ll keep an eye on the Feeds and post an update when it’s available. However, if this is like last week, and with that Double Eviction again it might be, the Feeds may be out until Sunday night. It’s worth noting though that the Feeds’ “Hush Hush” screen does not say the Feeds are out until the next show like we saw last week.

Big Brother Canada episode 17

Update: When the Feeds returned we discovered Jillian won the comp. Congrats to Jillian, the new HoH!

As an added bonus, we’ve got another Double Eviction week ahead in the house. Awesome! That was a lot of fun this past week so I can’t wait to see which two HGs are sent out next.

What did you think of tonight’s results? There’s more ahead with the nominations and veto competition set to take place this weekend so stay close by and keep checking the site here for the latest Big Brother spoilers.


  1. Omg, I wish so much that Gary had stayed in the game and I truly think I’d have stayed far more invested!!! Perhaps you could spice it up and bring him back to even out the playing field in a week or so when Andrew takes a bow. Just saying !!!

  2. Someone needs to tell Emmitt to put on a shirt. The guy came out to a HOH competition called Iceberg not expecting to freeze his ass off? Less tan 5 minutes into the competition he was laying on the floor while everyone else was standing. All that talk to get Alec out was all bark no bite.

    • Agree about the shirt but he’s very smart, if you noticed everyone else was getting hit directly in the face with wind/water and he wasn’t….maybe strategy? We shall see.

    • hahah no way thats just badass! going out there with no shirt on a comp thats called iceberg. But a girl is def taking this comp prob jillian or talla.

  3. I have never watched BB before so bear with me. I was wondering, they said the show is half over ,Is there normally this few people in the house half way through?

  4. I hope all goes as planned>>>> Alec is a snake with a heart of coldness.. Besides he has 10,000 already unleash the beast on him!! Go Emmitt and the east coast gang!!

    • Totally with you! I really want to see Alec and Peter get evicted they saying how there running the house the whole time but I really don’t think they have been, and they only aliiance that they have is with themselves.

  5. good bye sheild…master minds of nothing. watching the game play out and floating isn’t always smart fake chilltown. Go east coast

  6. I just seen some of the live fees, before they cut it out again…to me I think Jillian or Emmet has won HOH…coz Alec and Topaz are in the have not room…Talla, Andrew, and Peter are in the other bedroom.So I assume one of the other 2 have won right? GO NOVA SCOTIANS!!

    • That makes no sense though because if Alec doesn’t go up then topaz is gonna go up with Peter. So she made a deal to put herself up?

      • If topaz made that deal she’s dumb af lmao Alec is such an asshole for saying those things about topaz

    • so Jillian and Topaz were the 2 last standing, and do you think Jillian was serious about her end of the deal?

  7. Im so irritated about the feeds being so restrictive…I want to get up to the minute results, like I can with BBUS

  8. Haha ya, the sheild!! Just goes to show what truly the sheild is!! Look at Alec all up in Topaz arms agian.. What a loser!! That guy needs a true kick in the ass for treating women like such!! Man !!!!! I get its all about the game last minute flips jumping to the other side lil back stab here and there..etc.. But man to use a women and her feelings treat her bad talk bad abouot her on national tv!! What a punk!! He is a big baby!!!!!! I will stand clap and tip a cold beer back once I see him walking out the door!!!!!!

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