Big Brother Canada – Week 6 Eviction Plans

Rachelle dries her tears

The Big Brother Canada houseguests are preparing for another eviction this week, well actually a double eviction, but they don’t know that. The strategies are set and the votes are ready to be cast against one HG. Find out who is set to march outside the front door, meet Arisa, and then get yelled at by Peter.

Read on for spoilers and details from the Live Feeds.

After Monday’s Veto Ceremony Sarah ended up on the block following Kenny’s use of the Veto to save himself. Now either Sarah or Allison will be evicted and with the new alliances dividing the house there’s little doubt over how that will go.

Sarah is definitely going to be evicted. She knows it. We know it. The HG pouring out all the syrup and ketchup knows it. She doesn’t have the numbers and Allison does. The “Sloppy Seconds” alliance has taken Allison under their wing and will vote to keep her over Sarah, a member of the “Forsaken” alliance.

Earlier in the week Sarah told her team she should be the one to go up and be evicted. She was ready to go home and see her family. Sarah really hasn’t been too stressed about the eviction but is more upset at Arlie for his betrayal of their team. Ah well. If you couldn’t tell Arlie was so incredibly fake after all this time then something was going to get ya even if it wasn’t him.

If you were in the Big Brother house and voting this week would you vote to evict Sarah or Allison? Share your thoughts!