Big Brother Canada: A House Divided

Monday was a big day of reveals inside the Big Brother Canada house. The lines are drawn. The house is divided. The underdogs are now on top.

Kenny & Rachelle on Big Brother Canada
Kenny & Rachelle on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

When Heather took over as HoH the power shift began but it solidified on Monday when Allison officially switched over giving the former underdogs or as they have branded themselves, “The Sloppy Seconds,” the numbers advantage.

Kenny has used his Veto to get himself off the block, but Sarah went up instead against Allison. Sarah will definitely be the one going as Allison has agreed to work with Heather and crew going forward (for the time being at least). The core crew is really just using Allison for numbers, but don’t forget she has that new Hidden Veto to save herself if needed.

After Sarah leaves we’ll have Kenny, Rachelle, and Sabrina on one side. They’ve named themselves “The Forsaken.”

Included in the “Sloppy Seconds” are Heather, Allison, Jon, Adel, Neda, and Arlie. Oh Arlie, perhaps the biggest traitor in the bunch and the target of much disdain from The Forsaken. I’ll be waiting to see if this duplicity undermines other’s trust in him later down the road.

Sarah told the rest of her team she figured out Arlie had thrown that HoH competition (but why she didn’t tell them sooner is beyond me). Now they believe he flipped weeks ago but had successfully hidden it.

As long as the Sloppy Seconds keep their numbers together and the odds work in their favor then they’ll have a chance to route the Forsaken right out the door. Heather and Neda decided the order should be Kenny, Rachelle, and finally Sabrina.

Of course any Big Brother fan knows the ebb and flow of the house and how fortune seems to favor the underdog so perhaps we can still have a chance at seeing the power shift back again and new alliances formed for the sake of fun & excitement.

Which side are you on? Team Sloppy Seconds or Team Forsaken? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!