Big Brother Canada: A House Divided

Monday was a big day of reveals inside the Big Brother Canada house. The lines are drawn. The house is divided. The underdogs are now on top.

Kenny & Rachelle on Big Brother Canada
Kenny & Rachelle on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

When Heather took over as HoH the power shift began but it solidified on Monday when Allison officially switched over giving the former underdogs or as they have branded themselves, “The Sloppy Seconds,” the numbers advantage.

Kenny has used his Veto to get himself off the block, but Sarah went up instead against Allison. Sarah will definitely be the one going as Allison has agreed to work with Heather and crew going forward (for the time being at least). The core crew is really just using Allison for numbers, but don’t forget she has that new Hidden Veto to save herself if needed.

After Sarah leaves we’ll have Kenny, Rachelle, and Sabrina on one side. They’ve named themselves “The Forsaken.”

Included in the “Sloppy Seconds” are Heather, Allison, Jon, Adel, Neda, and Arlie. Oh Arlie, perhaps the biggest traitor in the bunch and the target of much disdain from The Forsaken. I’ll be waiting to see if this duplicity undermines other’s trust in him later down the road.

Sarah told the rest of her team she figured out Arlie had thrown that HoH competition (but why she didn’t tell them sooner is beyond me). Now they believe he flipped weeks ago but had successfully hidden it.

As long as the Sloppy Seconds keep their numbers together and the odds work in their favor then they’ll have a chance to route the Forsaken right out the door. Heather and Neda decided the order should be Kenny, Rachelle, and finally Sabrina.

Of course any Big Brother fan knows the ebb and flow of the house and how fortune seems to favor the underdog so perhaps we can still have a chance at seeing the power shift back again and new alliances formed for the sake of fun & excitement.

Which side are you on? Team Sloppy Seconds or Team Forsaken? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!


  1. hii, I know that a lot of people would disagree with me but I like the forsaken they are reel and competitors. Excuse me but the only person on the other team that wants blood on their hands is heather. I hope that kenny wins HOH and Arlies goes home. He’s a terrible player and he thinks he’s a genius. Sorry Arlie but if you would keep Sarah, it would be 5 against 3 for hoh… The jury starts this week, Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina won’t vote for him. So he’s officially going to lose this game. CONGRATS ARLIE!

    • If he would be in the finals against anyone from the forsaken, he would won… Him switching side is the worst move of the season…

    • Sarah won’t be on jury though, as she’s leaving this week. Jury starts after she leaves, once 9 players are left.

    • I’m with The Forsaken as well. They are far more interesting in terms of both game play and personalities. But to be honest, I see the backbone of The Forsaken as Kenny and Sarah. If Sarah goes and Kenny follows, I will be hard pressed to find time for this show. The rest of the players are either annoying or just lame fish. Very uninteresting casting. Allison has been a huge disappointment and not much of a game player. Kind of wish one of the other guys had been voted in.

    • So love the forsaken, they are considered the threats why? because they’ve won a pov and an HOH before? makes no sense, Arlie and Jon definitely need to go, if those girls think they will betray eachother theyre wrong. They will filp much more easily. At least Kenny and the gang kept most of what they were saying to be true. Kenny is totally going on all in this next HOH because he knows that they will backdoor him after next weeks POV however with this Double Eviction week Theres going to be some drama and that stupid sloppy seconds is going down. Forsaken are not giving up rolling over. and as for Allison she must be so dumb. Shes gonna switch and next thing you know the forsaken are back in power and she wanting to be with them

    • I want to love Neda. But she’s constantly throwing competitions. She says she wants to make a move, but how can you, when you hide behind Jon’s back and purposefully lose every opportunity for power?

  2. I really can’t stand Sloppy Seconds. Even their name is pure trash. Sure, it’s kinda funny but it describes that gong show of an alliance perfectly. I call them the Fart Alliance as it seems that is all they talk about other than game. They are also power-tripping harder than most alliances I have watched form through the years of BB.

  3. Not sure why the other side called themselves the sloppy seconds. They should have called themselves the Goof Troop or the Misfits as they were pretty much on the outs with the other side & due to circumstances they found each other. I can’ stand the forsaken. They forget how they treated everyone else in the house when they were in power & now that they’re getting a taste of their own medicine they’re whining constantly. I can’t believe anything that comes out of Sabrina’s mouth & what poor sportsmanship talking about how you hate the otherside. Rememberyour side alienated everyone else. It’s only a Game! After the game is over the last one standing will be because they played the Game well & bygones should be bygones!

    • On the live feeds, they said they wanted to name themselves the sloppy seconds because they were outsiders to everyone else, or always ‘came in second’ when they were in their old alliances. Jon felt like that because of Kenny, and feels Kenny put him second, Adel felt like an outsider from the entire house, Neda felt that from Ika when she would never listen to her during Ika’s HOH, Heather felt it from all the girls as they were constantly leaving her out of discussions and nominated her to be evicted, Arlie felt that from the first five alliance (he said there was a clear hierarchy where he was at the bottom), and Allison felt like an outsider for obvious reasons (she came into the house late). This is just what I heard on the live feeds.

  4. Get rid of Sabrina and Rachelle. There is still lots of game left after the revolting actions of Rachelle and the histrionics of Sabrina walk out that door.

  5. Kenny is discusting! He jumped on the kitchen counter when sarsh was preparing a meal and he was pucking his dirty feet..duscusting!

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