Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Hidden Veto Is Discovered [PICS]

The Hidden Veto twist was unleashed on the house last week after viewers reached the requisite goal, but it wasn’t until Sunday that we saw some action with it in the Big Brother Canada house.

Big Brother Canada 2 - Episode 10 - Veto
Big Brother Canada 2 Veto – Source: Slice

If you want to wait and find out through the episodes what happened and who holds the Hidden Veto then steer clear of the discussion below. Otherwise, read on to get the details on who has it.

Yesterday afternoon I turned on the Feeds to find Allison peeking around items and looking in the corners of the house in a very suspicious manner. Yep, sure enough she was looking for the Hidden Veto and her search went on to turn out very well for her.

The first clue was discovered in the potted flower upstairs near the bathroom. Allison found a little piece of paper in there which led her to the pool. In the bottom of the pool was a puck with another clue on it. That clue led her out to the hot tub area where she was able to read a clue leaned up against the mirror.

Now things got tricky for her. The last clue said “read like a book, left to right. Find one and three and be out of sight. Turn them right and turn them back or the door won’t open a crack.” Not only did she have to find the right place she had to figure out how to use the information.

Eventually Allison figured out this referred to the vertical white slats on the red wall under the staircase. Since that area is out in the open she didn’t have a lot of chances to be there alone so it took a long time of quick visits to the wall to avoid being discovered.

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Just before 10PM Sunday night Allison found the right combination of turns and twists to unlock the door and gain access to the secret room. Of course this secret room would be familiar to only Allison as it was her original home within the house: the War Room.

Securing the Veto within that room didn’t happen right away. The Feeds kept cutting away as Allison got closer and closer before finally opening the door. Even then she didn’t seem to make anymore progress and instead left saying “I don’t know.”

Now it’s being reported that yes, Allison found the Hidden Veto inside the Secret/War Room and has tucked it away under her bed for safekeeping along with her collected hints/clues.

Congrats to Allison on finding the Hidden Power of Veto. I wonder if there will be any more trips to the hidden room or if that’ll be locked away again. If it goes dark then Allison’s secret of living inside the house for a week will remain one degree farther away from the HGs.

We’ll have to wait and see what other details we get on this special Power of Veto and what it means for the game and Allison. Are you happy that Allison has that power or would you have rather seen another HG get their hands on it?

War room screenshot credit: @89razorskate20