Big Brother Canada: Double Eviction This Way Comes

This week on Big Brother Canada 2 the HouseGuests face not one, but two eliminations in the much feared Double Eviction! I love me some DE fun on Big Brother so this should be awesome.

Arlie & Jon in the bathroom
Arlie tells Jon who Number 2 works for – Source: Slice

Several HGs have speculated this week will be a DE, but they’ve also guessed it on several previous weeks and even thought for sure there would be an Instant Eviction after Heather got her HoH room so quickly. Put enough monkeys in a room with a typewriter and all that. So they probably won’t be shocked on Thursday.

We already have a solid expectation for the first eviction, but the second one will keep us guessing until the HoH comp takes place. So how’s that looking to shape up?

All but Heather, and obviously the evicted HG, will be competing for the first HoH comp of the night on Thursday’s Big Brother Canada. The Forsaken will have Kenny, Rachelle, and Sabrina fighting for their side. The Sloppy Seconds will have Jon, Neda, Adel, Allison, and technically Arlie, but come on we know Arlie will most likely continue his streak of throwing comps like its his job.

So that gives Sloppies a one person advantage over the Forsaken team. It’s really not a huge advantage, but it is a good one.

The first HoH comp will be something quick like a quiz, Q&A, etc. The second will more likely be an endurance type battle that’ll keep the Feeds down for a long time since production doesn’t like us watching those like we get to on BBUS.

If Sloppies get the first HoH then watch for Rachelle and Sabrina to go up and Kenny to be backdoor’d thanks to Adel’s special Veto power. If Forsaken pulls out the win then I’d be expecting them to go after Arlie or Jon with Jon being the better choice, I’d say.

This is going to be a VERY exciting show on Thursday night and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Which HG would you like to see heading out the door as part of the Double Eviction this week’s Big Brother Canada?