Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 4/7/2016

Last night on Big Brother Canada 4 a new Head of Household was crowned following the latest eviction, but it didn’t make the show before leaving us with a cliffhanger.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Once the episode was over and the Feeds returned we found out who was the new HoH for BBCAN4 and set us up for an interesting round of nomination talks.

From the sound of it there were a lot of players eliminated in the very next question during the “Before & After” competition. The only one to make it through was Maddy. Yes, Maddy is the new Head of Household.

At least it’s not the Third Wheel again, right? Or maybe that doesn’t matter. Later in talks it sounded like Maddy and Kelsey were smoothing things over and they might even work together. Oh good grief. Could this be Loveita’s second HoH week all over?

The nominations haven’t been decided yet and we’ll get a lot more talk and discussion on Friday so stick around to find out where Maddy decides to go with these picks.

Are you happy to hear Maddy is the new HoH or were you hoping for someone else? Any early guesses on who she’ll nom?


  1. OMG ! if Maddy is working with Kelsey after knowing she was Kelsey’s next target , i’m done with this group!

    • But this season has had a lot of stupid players so I wouldn’t be surprised if Maddy is working with Kelsey, after Kelsey just told the entire universe that her and Ramsey are their targets.

        • When Mitch called out Kelsey for her deals with Maddy & Ramsey, Kelsey denied the deal and basically implied to Maddy that she is her target.

          • At the bottom of the stairs while Maddy & Ramsey were upstairs? While Jared left blonde to the wolves as he snuck up to the rail above?
            That was funny! Chicken…. Lmao! What a guy!!

  2. Why must BBCAN leave us with a cliffhanger? Apparently Maddy won on the very next question. All they needed was an extra minute. They could have cut some irrelevant crap that we don’t need, such as the ENTIRE veto ceremony that we just saw. Who edits this show? Fire them…

        • Well good morning Mary..Good to see you here. loI know, can’t wait for BBUS…at least we have Survivor. That was a good episode, wasn’t it?..Tai was awesome.

          • Good Morning Cyril! While I did stop watching BBC I just have to check out here once in a while to see if I’m missing much, appears I’m not lol. I am so looking forward to BB U.S. Survivor is absolutely awesome and Tai is outstanding – I’m going to be so upset if he doesn’t win. We haven’t seen a competitor like him in a very long time.

          • Hello Mary 🙂

            Nope….. NOT missing much at all! Aside from Mitch confusing / Lying to some of the houseguests about math and percentages of them winning if the three-headed monster stay!! It’s definitely worth the watch, super funny! LOL & his speech during the veto was excellent! You’d love it!!! And his speech before the eviction ceremony. Those are all classic! Especially Mitch explaining to some of the HGs their chances of staying, which was totally fake! Priceless! SUPER SAD to see him gone!
            LOVE TAI!!!! I really really hope he wins! Was sad to see Kaleb go 🙁 he was certainly something good to look at LOL plus he was playing a good game!
            Lots of good blindsides this season that’s for sure! I mean on Survivor 😉

    • I think they do it B/C they want to make sure that everyone watches on Sunday. A comp like this only takes a few minutes so they could have easily made time for it

      • But doesn’t really affect the ratings??? I mean if you’re going to watch big brother you’re going to watch Big Brother regardless. No??

    • While I’m glad that, in a way, we get a lot of actual coverage of events that happened post-veto ceremony (which is more than we could ask for if it was BBUS), still sucks that it meant eating up airtime that would have been better served to cover a Q&A competition on “live” television.

      Oh, and then there’s the thing about all the eviction shows being prerecorded since Season 1.

      • HUH?? Say what???? Although “live evictions” are pre-recorded?? Since the beginning?? ….. REALLY?????
        What happens during the live feeds before and after the evictions?? Obviously it goes dark before??? Or else it would be leaked prior to this “live eviction!?!?”

        • Over the years, audience members have leaked eviction results of the pretaped eviction shows so those who do wanna watch them and treat it as if they were airing live try to avoid reading up on social media in fear of spoiled results. Audience members also have first dibs on witnessing the competitions that never gets fully aired so similar results get leaked as well.

          Feeds typically shut off early in the afternoon, that’s usually around the time the show starts filming both the eviction and the Side Show. They typically return after the taped shows have aired on TV.

  3. I thought if she won Kelsey and Cass would be her targets; she seems to hate both of them with a passion. She could be pretending to work with Kelsey in case she wins POV . If they’re working together then why did Maddy & Ramsey vote for Joel last night?

        • Ya but Maddy never liked Lovita so there had to be trust issues there…?? I know they were allies thru Dallas & she screwed him too! Next is Ramsey… Ok after this time her target will be Ramsey. I honestly think she’s onto something.
          She’s making herself completely a wildcard so if she’s in the final 2 she can say she made all those ‘strategic’ moves! Lol

  4. GAG!! Maddy never belong there, should have went home early, shouldn’t have made it to jury and certainly should not be HOH! BARF!!!!!!

  5. Definitely a unique bunch of characters in this house! The brothers……. Do they have game? LOL
    Maddy is a complete idiot if she does not put up Kelsey! But then again Maddie is…….. Well……. I’m not a big fan of hers! Never have been!
    So many of the HGs are just letting the three-headed monster run the show! They have had ample opportunity to turn against them yet they still vote their way! I don’t get it! My only guess is they are voting with them because there are three of them and therefore three chances HOH or veto. Well I guess there would have been two chances of HOH this week but just (as Mitch would say LOL) there is a higher percentage one of them will win HOH and/or veto so they are a threat! The Brothers seem to just go with them because it’s easier than being against them but when are they going to attack!? The three-headed monster?! If they don’t do it now, they are not going to have much more time!
    & then of course Tim is just having fun! So…..

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