Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Out Last Night On BBCAN4? 4/7/2016

It’s eviction time on Big Brother Canada 4 as another Houseguest is about to be voted out of the game and the remaining HGs prepare to compete to control the next round of nominations.

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox – Source: Global

The latest twist definitely threw a wrench in the game of a lot of players with Kelsey back in the mix and strengthening her alliance with Jared and Raul, but if they don’t keep control it could be Third Wheel as the next targets.

Arisa Cox announces this week’s eviction will mark the start of the BBCAN4 Jury!

Ready to find out which way the house decided between keeping Mitch or Joel? Eight votes are up for grabs and let’s see how it goes in the Diary Room.

Eviction Vote – Week 6:

  • Kelsey votes to evict: Mitch
  • Maddy votes to evict: Joel
  • Nikki votes to evict: Joel
  • Phil/Nick vote to evict: Mitch
  • Ramsey votes to evict: Joel
  • Tim votes to evict: Mitch
  • Cassandra votes to evict: Mitch
  • Jared votes to evict: Mitch

By a vote of 5-3, Mitch has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Everyone but Raul will be competing tonight to be the next HoH.

Head of Household – Week 7:

  • Round 1: All are safe.
  • Round 2: Phil is eliminated.
  • Round 3: Ramsey is eliminated.
  • Arisa cuts off the competition… We’ll get spoilers shortly.

Spoilers: Maddy is the new Head of Household!

The next Big Brother Canada episode airs at 7PM ET/PT on Sunday night and will feature the week’s nominations while Wednesday’s episode (9/8c) will cover the Veto competition and ceremony to get us ready for the next eviction show.


  1. Is it just me having “deja vu” because I feel like I am having flashbacks of BBCAN3 events. Remember Jordan Parhar, he was a good player who got royally screwed by a twist with Sindy coming back in. See, Mitch is the “Jordan” of this season and Kelsey is the “Sindy” of this season. At least that’s my observation. Anyone agree?

    • Mitch is more like Kevin. Kevin got screwed by the triple eviction. I don’t remember Jordan been at the level of Mitch and Kevin.

    • JP? A good player? Um since when is asking to be a pawn and not asking for the veto considered a good player move?

    • Jordan was terrible. He fucked himself up so much, it didn’t take much for Sindy to get him kicked out. Mitch on the other hand was so royally screwed over, I’m super pissed.
      Can we just end the season and give the money to Kelsey or Jared? Seems like that’s what BB wants anyway…
      (I’m not even a big Mitch fan…)

    • I’m guessing she will play it safe and put up kelsey and jared. she did too much damage to her own game with loveita the first time around… but who knows.
      she is more of a wild card then the wild cards


  3. I am late to this season — perhaps because I cut my cable and had no idea it had started — so I have now watched a week of BB Can and am posting this mostly in the hopes that BB Can producers hear this complaint. Stop messing with contestant’s games!

    Mitch appeared to be a very strategic player and BB Can pretty much killed his game. I don’t get it. Why? He had the potential to be one of the most interesting players to watch throughout the season and they just strung him up. It’s very disappointing. I have no allegiance to any of the players in the game, having come in so late in the season (although that Australian guy? Yikes.) but I can recognize strategic game play when I see it.

    BB Can cast this great, strategic player and it’s almost as if they decided his game was too smart for the audience to understand or something. When the Arissa said to him, where did you go wrong, Mitch totally should have said, “I didn’t, you did.”

    I’m so tired of the way BB Can screws up the game each season, that I’m not sure I will bother watching anymore. I know people make that comment all the time. I know, I know. But BB Can, if you are paying attention, let good players play!

    Your audience does not want to see a bunch of doofus players just hang out. We love the strategy. We love the skill. We love the manipulation. That is how this game works. Let these people play without messing up their games.

    Stick to things like walking backwards or double eliminations, but unfair twists like letting someone back into the game to expose another player’s game? That is too many production hands in the BB pie.

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