Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 7

Nominations are coming up for Big Brother Canada 4 as the new Head of Household is preparing to send two HGs to the Block for the latest round of BBCAN fun.

BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List
BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List – Source: Global

Overnight the talks continue for the new HoH who was crowned after the latest eviction episode ended last night and now we have a good idea of where these noms are headed.

Maddy is calling the shots and if you thought she would be targeting the Third Wheel at this point then you’d be wrong unfortunately. Instead she’s toying with the idea of teaming up with them because why not. Good grief.

Instead Maddy is thinking of going after the brothers and using a pawn beside them. That pawn could be Joel, an easy nom to use again, or maybe one of the Wild Cards, Tim or Nikki. Oh I hope it’s Nikki just to see her go bat crazy this week just as long as she’ll be safe on the other side of this mess. Then again, pawns are a very risky position.

Update: Now Maddy is also considering Jared & Kelsey for potential noms.

What do you think of this plan? Should Maddy go for the brothers, the Third Wheel, or someone else? Remember that Phil is the one competing for the brothers this week and he’s been the weaker of the two when it comes to comps while Nick has done quite well with Veto comps. They could be in trouble!

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