Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 7 Nomination Results

The latest Big Brother Canada spoilers are in for this week’s nominations as this week’s HoH worked through a tough choice and sent two more players to the Block.

Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers
Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers – Source: Global

At least it seemed to be a tough choice after saying things would go one way only to reverse course and turn against different players instead. Should make for a good week.

Maddy is calling the shots this week as the new HoH and earlier in her reign she toyed with teaming up with Jared and Kelsey. That idea soon passed and they instead became the target.

Big Brother Canada 4 – Week 7 Nominations:

  • Jared
  • Kelsey

Kelsey pouted and said she didn’t want to be there anymore and would use the Veto on Jared if she got it. Great, so we lost Mitch so Kelsey could come back and throw her game away the next round.

I don’t expect Jared to go so gently in to the night as she’s doing so watch for him to fight hard and work on the Veto or an ally to use the Veto for him. The PoV comp is coming up on Saturday so expect hours and hours more of down Feeds and overnight results.

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  1. I am late to this season — perhaps because I cut my cable and had no
    idea it had started — so I have now watched a week of BB Can and am
    posting this mostly in the hopes that BB Can producers hear this
    complaint. Stop messing with contestant’s games! Mitch appeared to be a
    very strategic player and BB Can pretty much killed his game. I don’t
    get it. Why? He had the potential to be one of the most interesting
    players to watch throughout the season and they just strung him up.
    It’s very disappointing. I have no allegiance to any of the players in
    the game, having come in so late in the season (although that Australian
    guy? Yikes.) but I can recognize strategic game play when I see it.
    BB Can cast this great, strategic player and it’s almost as if they
    decided his game was too smart for the audience to understand or
    something. When the Arissa said to him, where did you go wrong, Mitch
    totally should have said, “I didn’t, you did.” I’m so tired of the way
    BB Can screws up the game each season, that I’m not sure I will bother
    watching anymore. I know people make that comment all the time. I know,
    I know. But BB Can, if you are paying attention, let good players
    play! Your audience does not want to see a bunch of doofus players just
    hang out. We love the strategy. We love the skill. We love the
    manipulation. That is how this game works. Let these people play
    without messing up their games. Stick to twists like walking backwards
    or double eliminations, but unfair twists like letting someone back into
    the game to expose another player’s game? That is too many production
    hands in the BB pie.

    • EXACTLY! The truly sad part about this is that this is’nt the first time this has happened. Recall how Bruno went out in BBCAN 3, or Andrew in BBCAN 2.

      • Yup. And tuning in this week to see the same sort of thing happen? Hmmmmm. It makes it no fun to watch when it’s just production playing puppet master. I want to see these people really play, not see what stupid thing production can think up next.

    • Let’s think of it this way: Better it would be Mitch than Joel, the latter being the one who orchestrated Kelsey’s initial exit which led to the dismantling of the Third Wheel in the first place the week before.

      All the effort he put into making this “big move” would have completely backfired on him had he been the one going. At least now, Joel’s sitting pretty knowing that his original target is back on the block.

      And we should remember that the house unanimously decided to bring back Kelsey and not Loveita. We may never know what would happen had she been the one returning and not Kelsey but we know she would not have made as much damage as Kelsey did upon her return. Mitch may not have been exposed had that happen.

      Kelsey doesn’t have as much dirt to share to Love and Love herself will always be a target that would have made her an easy nomination choice they could easily dispose off the week after her return.

      If I’m not mistaken, Maddy and MItch presented the pros and cons of keeping either one of them. Them choosing Love would have been the far better choice than Kelsey as the latter would only benefit Jared and Raul (and it did).

      • If fine with returning players. It doesn’t matter who. As long as they’re not loaded with relevant information about the players coming back into the house. I have a problem with the twist.

      • This may all be true … no idea since I don’t have a real handle on anyone’s game yet … but it isn’t any of that that I am opposed to. I am opposed to bringing anyone back into the game with an unfair advantage.

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