Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 4/28/2016

After a wild ride on the Double Eviction train last night for Big Brother Canada 4 the Houseguests went straight to work on finding a new Head of Household.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Since the show was filmed hours ahead of airing they had plenty of time to hold the next HoH comp. Want to know the latest spoilers on who won HoH last night?

Kelsey is the new Head of Household.

Well, I’d say Tim, Cassandra, and Joel are in trouble. However, if one of those three wins the Power of Veto then they can save one of the other three (if the winner isn’t on the Block) then Kelsey would be forced to renom the brothers. Okay, those are narrow requirements to get the brothers on the Block, but it could happen I supposed.

Or maybe Kelsey will shock us and nom the brothers, but I’d be surprised.

What do you think of Kelsey winning Head of Household this week? We’re in the final stretch of the season with the finale just around the corner. Are your favs going to make it to the end?

Noms will be official on Friday night and Veto competition should be on Saturday. We’ll keep you covered with the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers all weekend! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get the news sent to you.


    • Mary? What about Tim or Joel? If Cass wins veto I doubt she’d use it on Tim this close to the end. Esp since she thinks Kels is working with her.

  1. I dont know what Cassandra was thinking it would have made more sense to sent Tim Packing Nikki was a better choice to take to the end she has done 0000000 and she is international she would have gotten 0 votes from jury so unless these peole smarten up Tim is gonna walk away as the winner

    • Tim & Cass had been planning to take out Nikki for weeks now. Taking out Nikki is horrible for Tim’s game because he could control Nikki and she is loyal to him. Taking out Nikki for Cass is great because it removes one of Tim’s loyal allies basically forcing Tim to be loyal to Cass.

      I think that Cass shouldnt have used the veto. She and Joel controlled the votes, unless she didnt trust Joel keeping Tim. She got unnecessary blood on her hands.

  2. I like brothers but I don’t like how they treating Tim and Nikki. I can appreciate their patriotic feelings but Canadians are not about treating others this way. If they wanted to put Tim and nicki up it should have been on the bases of that they already have their chance to play big brother and now it’s other people chance to play. This way it would be more classy for the brothers.
    Any way I love that Cassandra saved Tim. I loooooooove Tim and his personality.
    Great season. Sooooo exciting. Good job bbcan.

    • As I said before, I couldn’t care less if they were from Mars but Tim has already won why didn’t they bring on someone who hasn’t won already, give someone who hasn’t won before a second chance or even someone who has never played before a first chance. NOT a level playing field – shame on BBC.

      • I really dont like Tim, but in his defense, he didnt win this type of format of BB. The Austrailian version is just a popular contest, the Canadian & American version is about strategy.

      • I hope next year bbcan have variety of people like all different ages not just mostly in their 20’s but in 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s and even older. Then it will show how everyone plays. I hope next year bbcan bring some transgenderes as well. Maybe trans men. Also with different kind of backgrounds. I also wanna see people who are really struggling in real life.

    • Me too, it sounds a little racist and Nikki was feeling hurt, she even mention it in her speech that they were invited and voted in by the Canadian public. It was too obvious the brothers meant what they said, as they put both of them on the block at the same time. They could have easily put them up without the prior comment. Canadians are not like that, shame on you Phil and Nick. my apology to them on behalf of other Canadians.

  3. I am ashamed at the behavior of the boys…as a Canadian there is nothing that makes be proud in anything they do. Secondly I am so peeved at BB for allowing the boys to change their minds about nominating themselves. Listen, stupid or not they made a decision and there is no way you would allow any HOH to change their mind about a nominee or any other veto holder or HOH to change their mind. Sorry, but I have really lost interest in a game that allows that kind of cheating….by the game itself no less

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