Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 10

There’s a new Head of Household for the Big Brother Canada house after last night’s latest competition that opened the opportunity for the two sides of the game to take control.

BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List
BBCAN4 nominations anticipation with the Short List – Source: Global

Only five Houseguests remain and less than two weeks to go in the BBCAN4 season. So who is in danger of falling just short of the finale week? Talks on the Feeds have revealed who could be in trouble.

Kelsey is calling the shots this week as the new HoH and with Jared out the door she’ll need to keep her only close allies, the brothers, safe. So don’t expect them anywhere near the Block unless a very narrow set of events take place.

Instead Kelsey is looking at Tim and Cassandra as her nominees. She knows Joel is in a three person alliance with those two, but he isn’t topping her priority list at the moment so well done by Joel on that positioning. However, if one of those two come down then yes, he’ll go up. Double however, if Joel wins the Veto and saves either Tim or Cassandra then Kelsey will be forced to renom the brothers and they’ll be out the door.

What Kelsey hasn’t decided yet is whether her main target will be Tim or Cassandra. This could come down to social game if both are on the Block next Thursday. The brothers have promised Kelsey they’ll support whatever decision she makes on who should go next.

Nominations will be made official later tonight and we’ll get the confirmation when it happens. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get the latest Big Brother Canada news.