Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 4/12/2018

Big Brother Canada 6 Arisa Cox

Tonight could be one of the craziest days in Big Brother Canada history. Last Thursday, Arisa announced a special Canada power: Canada would have the ability to save one of the nominees this week, or save the power for the following week. If Canada decides to exercise their power this week, we have no clue how the nominees and vote could end up.

The Twitter world of Big Brother Canada doesn’t want the power used. They think everything should stay as it is with Ryan going home instead of Will, because voting to save him puts players who are a little more likable, like Maddy and Erica, in danger.

However, everyone knows casual Big Brother viewers are like those kids who have to press a button, no matter how many times they’re told, “Don’t press the button!” So we expect the button to be pressed. Originally, we predicted with Will getting such a good edit on Monday’s episode, he would be the one Canada saved. Things took a major turn on Thursday with the episodes favoring using the save on Ryan.

Now if the vote is used, we have no clue who will be saved.

BBCAN6 Week 6 Eviction Vote:

Canada may shake up the game by saving Ryan or Will. This could greatly alter the entire week, and we could see someone who was totally safe go right out the door without a fighting chance.

Canada voted to use the twist. Ryan is safe and now Kaela must name a replacement nominee.

Ali VTE Erica

Derek VTE Erica

Ryan VTE Will

Paras VTE Erica

Johnny VTE Will

Maddy VTE Erica

Olivia VTE Erica

Erica is evicted by 5 to 2. She doesn’t leave happy and throws all kind of cursing out.

BBCAN6 Week 7 Head of Household Competition:

With the threat of Canada getting involved looming, we expect no one to throw this week’s Head of Household competition. It might mean the only true safety in the game.

For this Head of Household competition, players are read two events that occurred during the game. They must then answer if the first event happened before or after the second one.

Round 1: Will is the only one eliminated

Round 2: No one is eliminated.

And it ends like that. Join us later for the results. Also, jury finally starts next Thursday.

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